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May 30, 2020

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This is a first of a three part series by The IranShah Initiative

The first part is titled “Education With Vision 2020”

The IranShah Initiative provides a Precious Avenue to build a Priceless Life through the medium of Education With Vision 2020.

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If understood with right knowledge and practised with innate wisdom, the precepts and practices of our ancient yet ageless and ever so refreshing religion can be a positive force in every Zoroastrian’s life.However, the first step to leading a positive and purposeful life is to acquire the right knowledge from a reliable source because knowledge either shapes or shakes the destiny of one’s life.

The prime objective of this platform is to be just that. A knowledge and information hub where the youth around the world can raise the right questions and find the right answers. We are neither dogmatic nor preachy in our approach. We respect every individual and his/her right to ask the right questions and become torch bearers of wisdom.

Our vision is to make every Zoroastrian youth across the Globe aware of his/her heritage with legitimate pride and soulful understanding.

The ultimate goal is to make every youth across the Globe a throbbing and living embodiment of the good religion in thought, word and deed.

Knowledge Is Precious,

Knowledge is  Power

Wisdom Is Priceless.

If you want to add Power to your repertoire of knowledge about our Priceless IranShah and Precious Religion, we encourage you to send us your valuable question.

Our Distinguished scholar and community leader Noshir Dadrawala will answer questions about the religion, Iranshah, Udvada and any other related topics in a monthly update here.

Please check out his fabulous contribution to-date.

If you have a question please use the form on this page to send it to Noshir.


Sometimes the quest for a genuinely worthwhile life stops, when a question remains unanswered.

We invite you to ask your Precious question to get a Priceless Answer.

And in doing so…

Let us help each other build a life force that strives for harmony, growth and balance, so that we can all evolve into beings, we were born to be, with all our love and light.