Homai Vyarawalla gets Nano car as ‘Pateti’ gift

Vyarawalla gets Nano car as ‘Pateti’ giftThe country’s first woman photographer, who had cancelled her booking for a Nano car as it was not delivered to her on time, has accepted the low-cost vehicle after persuasion from Tata Motors.

The car was delivered to 96-year-old Homai Vyarawalla, who had parted her Fiat car to buy a Nano, yesterday in the presence of the company officials on the occasion of Parsi new year ‘Pateti’.

Earlier, she had written a letter to the company asking it to cancel her booking for the car which was not delivered to her on time as promised.
In fact, she reportedly wanted to be the first recipient of the Nano car.
Talking to PTI here today, Vyarawalla said, "The company apologised for the delay in delivering the car to me and I accepted it and matter ends there.

  • rustom jamasji

    Kudos to the grand lady.

    Just want to bring to notice..that The Zoroastrian new year is NOT ‘Pateti’.
    Infact Pateti is derived from the word Patet i.e to repent…
    The Patet prayer reminds us our past mistakes and confirms to oneself not to commit the same again..

    ThOugh repentece is not a core to zoroastrianism as everY action has efects , The Patet prayer could have roots to sasanian times where in the sasanians tried their best to impress upon those zoroastrians who had erred and left their faith under the guise of accepting a ‘new’ faith..which also was creating havoc in Persia TO come back to their roots and confirm leaving it as a mistake..

    Thus Pateti Mubarak, a MISconception creapt up is ‘Happy repentece’!!

    Once again wishing the grand lady ‘Happy driving’

  • DiNkOo MiStRy

    Dear Sir Ratan Tata,

    Firstly I wish to thank you for issuing a NANO car to Mrs Homai vyarawalla as a New Year gift even after she felt very embrassed for not beibg issued the car in the first place.
    I fell she had misunderstod that the car she was being issued was from the general quota but it was very clearly made to understand that you would be issuing the car from YOUR(TATA MOTORS) special quota.
    Once againg Thanking You for your humble gesture.

    Dinkoo Mistry