Incentive scheme for students at Dadar Athornan Institute


December 31, 2022

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Incentive Scheme for Encouraging Boarders to join Dadar Athornan Institute

The Dadar Athornan Institute (DAI) established in 1919 by the Athornan Mandal, Mumbai is the only seminary that provides Zoroastrian youth from Athornan families completely gratis training in religious rites and rituals as well as arranges for their secular education in a school of repute.


Athornan youth who pass out from DAI are trained to become Yozdathregar Mobeds who would be the future torchbearers of performing religious ceremonies during occasions that are cheerful as well as sombre, providing spiritual guidance to the laity and evolve into respected personage who would be looked up to.

Unfortunately, the number of Athornan Children at the DAI have been reducing in numbers, a sign that does not augur well for the community.

With a view to motivating parents of Athornan boys to enrol their children into DAI, Mr. Neville H. Sarkari, ‘Founder Trustee of Zarin Neville Sarkari Foundation’ situated at Denver, USA along with his co-Trustee Mr. Jehangir Shroff from Houston have in collaboration with Trustees of The WZO Trust Funds formulated a scheme that would incentivise parents of Athornan boys to enrol them into DAI as boarders for the duration of their religious and secular education studies up to completion of secondary levels.

The incentive scheme to encourage boarders to join DAI will cover existing boarders as also new boarders who join from June 2023 onwards.

The salient features of the scheme are:

For Boarders who join DAI from June 2023 onwards:

a) An amount of Rs.60,000 per annum will be invested every year and upon their leaving DAI after completing the full term of studies will be eligible to receive the amount plus compound interest accrued over the years.


A boarder who in June 2023 has enrolled in the Std 1, will upon leaving the DAI after having completed the full course of studies up to Std 10 (SSC), will receive:

i) Rs. 600,000: (Principal amount @ Rs.60,000 per annum),

ii) Rs. 230,947: (Notional interest compounded @ 7.05%per annum).

Rs. 830,942: Total

It is to be made abundantly clear that once a student has enrolled at DAI, they will be eligible to receive their share only provided they have completed their full tenure at DAI. Boarders leaving DAI midway through their stay will be ineligible to receive any amount from this scheme.

For existing Boarders who are already at DAI:

In order for the scheme to be equitable for existing boarders, the Trustees of the Zarin Neville H. Sarkari Foundation have decided to ensure the existing boarders receive a proportionate share of the incentive scheme as follows:

a) For students who have joined during years 2012 – 2016

75% of Rs. 60,000 per year for number of years from the year of joining till year 2022.

b) For students who have joined during years 2017 – 2019

50% of Rs.60,000 per year for number of years from the year of joining till year 2022.

c) For students who have joined during years 2020 – 2022

25% of Rs.60,000 per year for number of years from the year of joining till year 2022.

These existing boarders will not be eligible to receive any interest on their incentive fund till December 31, 2022.

It is earnestly hoped that parents of young Athornans will take full advantage of the scheme and participate in creating a number of educated and articulate young Mobeds who will serve as well as lead the spiritual and secular needs of the community.

The WZO Trust Funds,

Dinshaw K. Tamboly, Chairman.

Homiyar F. Madan, Managing Trustee (Mumbai) Principal,

Athornan Mandal,

Dasturji Khurshed K. Dastoor, President.

Ramiyar P. Karanjia, Principal, Dadar Athornan Institute.