Kappawalla Agiary: Appeal for Kathi Funds


October 13, 2014

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Below is an appeal we received from Ervad Jamshed Bhesadia, the Panthaky Saheb of the Kappawalla Agiary in Tardeo, Mumbai; India


As we are aware that to enable the Fire of Aatash Padshah to continue burning, offering “KATHIS” is a must and this is to be managed by the Panthaky of the Kapppawalla Agiary and not by the trustees.

I would like to bring to your kind attention that at Kapppawalla Agiary presently we are facing acute shortage of “KATHIS”.

Moreover, the ever increasing prices of fuel, transport and manual labour for handling, it has become absolutely imperative to have a “RESERVED FUND” for the unique purpose.

I humbly appeal to donate generously for this noble cause. Keeping the “Fire” alive is the “Need of the Hour”.

In order to avoid any controversy and bickering, I impress upon our Zoroastrians to issue a “cross-cheque” in favour of “H Sidhwa & Son”, who are the sole distributor and supplier of “KATHI” to our “FIRE TEMPLE” and post or personally give the cheque to Kapppawalla Agiary,, Tardeo.

Thank You.


Ervad Jamshed Bhesadia

Panthaky, Kappawalla Agiary.


Tel no: +91 22 23547914 (Kappawalla Agiary) +91 98203 26083 (Ervad JamshedBhesadia)

Address: Seth shapurji Sorabji Kappawalla Agiary. Sir Ratan Tata Road, Tardeo. Mumbai-400034, India