Lisa Bandari Appointed UK’s Ambassador to Portugal


September 20, 2023

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In an email update Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe informs….

ZTFE congratulates Lisa Bandari, daughter of Kay & Darayus Bandari, for been appointed His Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal as per the Press Release from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office on Monday 18th September 2023.

Lisa Bandari

Portugal is the oldest ally of the United Kingdom. The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance is the oldest alliance based in known history that is still in force by politics. The Treaty of Windsor was signed on 9th May 1386 between the King John I of Portugal and the King Richard II of England, over 630 years ago.

The friendship between England and Portugal goes back to 1147 when English crusaders helped King Alfonso I capture Lisbon from the Moors. This led to an English colony in Lisbon and to frequent contacts between the nobles of the two countries.
In 1386 Richard II of England agreed the Treaty of Windsor with John I of Portugal. English troops had recently helped John drive out a Spanish invasion and it was decided to turn the friendship into a formal alliance. The key section of the treaty reads: “If, in time to come, one of the kings or his heir shall need the support of the other, the ally shall be bound to give aid and succour to the other, to the extent required by the danger to his ally’s realms, lands, domains, and subjects.”