The Gatha Smart Pen Introduced in Iran


April 24, 2021

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Our dear friend Meher Amalsad shares a video about a new technological innovation called The Gatha Pen. This is developed by Mobedyar Dr. Rashin Jahangiri M.D. a Mmber of the Developing Team.


Photos Taken By: Homayoon Mehrzad, Iran


She has also devoted her time for recording the 5-Gathas in accordance with the Avestan Script.

Furthermore, she feels proud to be a member of a Group of committed individuals who helped to compile and create the exquisite and valuable production of a Gatha (Gahan) Speaking Pen and wants to show her great appreciation for their contribution.

This team comprised of Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiari who played a great role as a mentor and guide, the Khodadi family who formed the technical and engineering support team, Ms. Pooneh Oshidari and Gatha Ziatabari  who provided the design and topography services, the late Mr. Khodadad Mehrabinejad and Ms. Mina Khodadi who was  instrumental in forming the translating team incorporating late Moobed Firooz Azargoshab’s translation.

She is also grateful for the kind assistance and cooperation of the Fravahar Publishers towards the publication of this product.

In this Group she was involved in rehearsing and proofreading the Avestan Text.

Together with this team, she is happy to have this fabulous opportunity of providing an exquisite tool to our Global Zarthushti community towards improving the teaching of Gahan hymns.

She hopes that this Collection of Gahan (Gatha) Smart Pen serves as a beacon of bright light for all those who are interested in learning of the Gahan Heavenly Hymns.

See The Video Demo That Is Attached Below.

Dr. Rashin Jahangiri, MD  is  hailed for the Authorship and Publication of a 3-volume book titled “Teaching Din-Dabireh Alphabets (Avestan Alphabets)” using advanced techniques.

This book was published in 2015  by the Faravahar Publishers.  She also contributed her dedication in the Collaboration for the recording of correct reading of Gatha for the Tehran Council of Zoroastrians.

The Gatha Speaking Pen is a new technical instrument which anyone can listen or learn the correct reading of Gatha based on Din Dabireh, by moving a technical smart pen on the surface of a specific Gatha Page.

Gahani Book Collection and Gahani Smart Pen is a precise, expressive and intelligent self-tutorial for learning to read correctly the poems of Zarathushtra Spantman from the Avestan script.

This collection is based on the rules of rhythms and spelling of the Gathas, which uses the the most efficient technology in the world, helps those interested in learning Avestan script (Din Dabireh) and the accurate and melodic recitation of all the Gathas of Zarathushtra from the Avestan script.

All this can be achieved without the need for a teacher and guide, and only by using the smart pen, which includes the sound of reading all the hymns and with the Persian translation of Moobed Firooz Azargashsab, and also translated back to English (for non-Persian speakers), to easily acquire these skills.

This valuable and very useful collection includes the exquisite book of Gahan in Avestan script with Persian and English translations and the smart pen. By placing the tip of the pen on any verse of the Gatha, the verse will be played with the correct rhythmic voice for the listener.

By placing the tip of the pen on any Avestan word, the pen will play the Avestan word repeatedly and slowly. By placing the tip on the Persian and English translations, the pen will play the sound with a pleasant voice for the listener.

The smart pen is also able to record and play the learners’ voice, thus comparing the learners’ voice with the original reading, helping the learner to correct his/her misreading.

Also, this pen will be able to provide other languages related to religious and ancient Zoroastrian texts and writings and read them correctly for those who are interested and those in charge of educational affairs, after preparing new content and by storing audio related information.

The set is housed in a specially designed leather case, and the other components of the set, namely the pen manual, charger and hands-free device for the pen, are also embedded in it.

She is scheduled to be a Featured Speaker for the BaHumata Webinar on May 2, 2021.


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