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May 4, 2019

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Our dear friend Perzen Patel a.k.a Bawi Bride writes in…

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone tells you they are Parsi? Is it Dhansak? Well, no one would blame you!
Over the past few decades this simple preparation of spices, lentils and vegetables cooked with meat has come to be a strong part of the Parsi identity. Dhansak is as much a part of the bawa identity as is good thoughts, words and deeds!

But there is more to Parsi food (and us Parsis) than Dhansak, our Irani cafes and our Lagan nu Patru. And to showcase this to the world, Perzen Patel (also known as the Bawi Bride) has recently launched what could just be the world’s first Parsi podcast.

In true Parsi fashion, this new podcast is all about food and is called #NotJustDhansak. In this series of 12 episodes Perzen talks to friends, fellow bawas and Parsi entrepreneurs about all things Bhonu. Be it a little bit of history with the likes of food historian Kurush Dalal  or a dash of bawa madness with Cyrus Broacha, theres a lot of food talk in this new show.
And the one thing you’re sure to learn is that there’s more to Parsi food than Dhansak, a mission that Perzen has been on for more than 5 years now with her award winning Parsi food website, Bawi Bride where she has shared more than 150 unique Parsi food recipes and stories!

In addition to her Parsi food website Perzen has also been running her catering company,  Bawi Bride Kitchen since 2015 and has served up more than 5000 liters of Dhansak? But, now that this bride (can she be called that after six years of marriage) is moving back to New Zealand, this felt like the perfect time to launch Not Just Dhansak where she could share all her learnings and stories around Parsi food with the community and beyond.
Not Just Dhansak launched on April 30th and there will be new episodes launching every Tuesday.

Tune into the podcast via your favourite podcast app like Spotify, Saavn or Apple Podcasts or you can head to the link below to listen to it online:
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  1. Homi Davier

    there are cooks and then there are Bawi chefs…………………… what is next in store for us???? All we can say is Chef perzeen will turn over new Zealanders to get the taste of dhansak ))))