It is youth initiated program started for community building through finding identity.This year, the program started on March 12 with a group of 15 youngsters from Mumbai by visiting places like Doongerwadi, The Towers of Silence, Bhikha Behram Kua and Khareghat Colony which has strong significance of Parsi culture in the city. They also met business tycoon Ratan Tata as part of the trip and spent time in Irani Cafes.

Arzan Sam Wadia, 43, one of the 6 Core Coordinators told us about experience of finding roots by Parsi youngsters. “The trip is like a community get-together and information gathering in which we conduct 12 to 14 days trip; meet Parsi entrepreneurs and visit religious places in India to bring in awareness among people about their origin. This year we are doing this trip in Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi,” Said Wadia.

In this year’s trip, participants from Pakistan have visited India to find their roots. “There is a significant Parsi population in Pakistan. There are around 1,300 Parsis in Karachi and around 25 in Lahore. Youngsters from Pakistan are very eager to know more about their roots as it’s a lifetime opportunity for them to travel with the youngsters from Zoroastrian community from all over the world and explore their roots,” Said Wadia.

This program is a part of UNESCO Parzor Project. To be a part of this tour, one has to apply for it on their website six months in advance. They also have to write an essay and the age bracket to be a part of it is between 22 to 35. Only 15-18 youngsters can be part of this trip from all around the world. Parsis from United States, Canada, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan are part of this trip.

In 2013, the idea of finding roots was initiated by two Parsi youngsters Dinshaw Mistree and Rosheen Kabraji and then later was taken forward by Dr Shernaz Cama and Aban Marker-Kabraji.

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