Parsis of Lahore


August 1, 2017

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A beautiful documentary about the miniscule Parsi community in Lahore was created by FlashPoint Productions.

I had the fortune of visiting Lahore in January 2016, and got to meet some amazing folks, including Perin Boga, Rati Cooper, Nergis Sobhani, Amy King, Behram King, Sarosh Challa, Anuskha Rustomji, Jamshed Jussawalla and the Patel family….Nevil, Shireen, Nelofer, Shahveer and Sheryar.

You will see and hear a lot of them in this documentary.

Over three days I had the opportunity to interact with them. Having met them for the first time, they embraced me, and made my stay in Lahore one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever made. I hope to go back some day soon.