Parvin Jungalwala Escapes 17-year Confinement

For 17 years, Parvin Jungalwala, 40, a Parsi widow, allegedly spent her life in home confinement. However, she decided to end her torture and the reason for this his is her daughter’s well-being, who will be appearing for her class X examination next month.

Parvin, who got married soon after her class X exams, has lodged a police complaint against her in-laws. Ever since her husband Cyrus’ death in 1993 she has been held in captivity by her in-laws, the widow has said in her police compliant.

She chose to end her confinement after she got angered by the alleged beating of her 15-year-old daughter Aava by her in-laws recently.

"I was married off at the age of 19 in 1990 to Cyrus, who was 39-year-old. My in-laws now are trying to ruin the life of my daughter," said Parvin, alleging that they used to beat her up and now have begun to assault her daughter too.

Her husband died in an accident after three years of their marriage. Subsequently, her brother-in-law Hormaz took charge of the family, Parvin stated in her complaint. "I was sexually abused by my brother-in-law whose wife had left him," she said in her complaint.

"Later, they took my signature to transfer various benefits which I should have got after my husband’s death like insurance etc. They even tried to prove me as mentally challenged and kept me in a room," Parvin said.

After Hormaz’s death, his son Jimmy began to abuse her, Parvin states in the complaint. Even Shirin, her mother-in-law, used to harass her and for food she had to depend on her father who lived in Mumbai, she has alleged in the complaint.

"I had informed my father about my situation in a letter written to him without the knowledge of my in-laws. Thereafter, he made arrangement for my food and sometimes I used to get food from my neighbours also," Parvin said.

Parvin’s elder son Jamshed, 17, is treated nicely by the family while daughter Aava is not looked after well, she has alleged.

Parvin left her house wearing a nightdress on January 27 and picked up her daughter on way from the school. Later, she approached a local NGO for help to register a complaint against her in-laws to recover the valuables which belonged to her.

"We were informed about Parvin’s suffering for the last three years by her neighbours over the phone. However, she could not muster up enough courage to come out against her in-laws," said Geeta Shroff, a women’s right activist.

  • Burjor Bharucha

    This is indeed a very sad case and one cannot imagine the traumatic experience Parvin and her daughter must have gone through all these 17 years. I feel this is a fit case for the BPP to take up strongly with the in-laws who have mis-appropriated all the funds due to Parvin and yet ill-treated her. Such case are rare in Parsi community and it is essential that when they occur exemplinary action must be taken so that others would not dare take law into their own hands and give due justice to helpless widows and thier children.

  • mahruk

    Such type of inlaws should be punished and she must get all her rights and whatever things belong to her husband and son should look after his mom and sister as he is agrown up boy.

    mahruk kapadia

  • Ahsan Rafique Butt

    One canoot believe such an incident in this era. it seems that there was some sort of settlement b/w parvin and Hormaz because soon after his death she started complaining about the In laws. What made her not to let her parents know about her miserable life for so long.

  • Rony Italia

    I think we need to hear both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions.


    i am toatally shock and saden to know about parvin.actually i respect parsis for their kindness and kindhearted soul but parvin suffering shaken me and if her in laws are truly harrassing her then this people are sham and i have no other words for them so i am agree with rony italia that we need to hear both sides and i pray to God that suffered lady parvin get justice for tough time she had gone through.i feel very bad for Aava God bless inocent Aava and parvin and get strong and get good life hearafter that can only ordinary person like me can wish.i am sure and hope some one from parsi kindhearted soul will come forward to help.

  • Diana Bharucha

    I am unable to believe that any Parsi woman would tolerate such nonsense …. The BPP should immediately swing into action and come out with the truth. It is a shame to the community that such a thing should happen and a bigger disgrace that an NGO has to come to her rescue instead of the BPP.
    I am sure the community condemns such happenings and is ready to help once the investigations are done and the matter is factual.

  • kershasp

    Type your comment here…how come for so many years this nonsense was tolerated and nobody came to know about it . Why did the father try come to the doughter’s resque? it is difficule to believe such incedent has happend in our community. We are educated and one should have taken recource long time back.
    This things happend in other communites but not with parsis. Why did the fly friends etc try to find out and oppse the in laws or complain to the police.

  • Kety Bhagat

    Type your comment here… I am deeply ashamed at the thought of someone from our community doing this to Parvin and her daughter. We take pride in our communities milk of human kindness, but this has left me dumbfounded. The BPP must take all steps to give justice to them. Anybody of the Trustees listening ?

  • Jeannie Antia

    This is India!

    Even today the families stay together in one household. Mother-in-laws command over their daughter-in-laws …

    Men still have more rights than we women.

    India is backward and the changes need to happen in people’s mind.

    What hell – to live in one household with every member of the family and their spouses and children!

    Thank God for my freedom and the freedom of my daughters.

    Thank God !

    How can I help the poor mother Parvin and her daughter and son?
    Any funds settled?

    Jeannie Antia Wimmer

  • Diana Bharucha

    Hi Jeannie ,
    This is Diana Bharucha ( nee Bhumgara ) We had great fun in Calcutta 30 years ago !! If you are the same person do get in touch with me

  • Jeannie Antia

    Isn’t this wonderful … my sweet friend in Calcutta found me!

    Hi Diana … let’s start again exactly where we stopped over 30 years ago!


  • Jeannie Antia

    I would like to put in another comment!

    My masi lives together with her daughter-in-law and never bosses over her.

    My cousin-in-law Binny has a wonderful life in the household of my masi!

    Besides …. in my grandfather’s house we also were staying-in together and were one big gentle soft family.

    I never want to miss the wonderful seconds minutes hours days weeks months years

    with my grandfather , my masis , my cousins and my brother.

    God bless my wonderful family in Mumbai great town city.


  • Ahsan Rafique Butt

    I want to add some more comments,
    Cyrus died some 17 years ago but his daughter is just 15 how come? It seems that Parvin is telling a lie she lived at her own because as soon as Hormaz expired she complained, his wife must have left him due to his illicit relations with Parvin. We must not accept her (Parvin’s) statement true untill and unless an inquiry is conducted.

  • Anonymus

    Why would the Parsi Panchayat help such people – they are more interested in making money for thier own family rather then helping such families.

    Look at the previous situation where the mother ( non-parsi) who was married to the parsi man ( who left his wife to live in the Parsi Panchayat House & left them to starve- due to which the little girl died as mother had to leave her and her older sister @ home while she worked as maid to someone in Dhobi Talao. )

    No news as to what happened to that parsi guy due to which ” Phool jevu bachhu gujri gayu with starvation”

    Useless people in the Panchayat – shame on the Panchayat people – look @ other communities where thier people fight for thier people & do everything to help them & look at our ” so call Panchayat Gurus = money making gurus”


  • Tinaz

    One must not comment without hearing about the other side too.It does not suit to malaise the name of somebody departed without knowing the whole truth.Also if Pervin is evil ur comments cause distress to the family already in trouble.

  • Anonymous Inc.

    jimmy is a educated man passed out from a reputed college in Mumbai and has a mba from one of the top b.schools of mumbai.

    Hormaz Jungalwala bared the weight of the entire family on his shoulders till his last breath. He raised jimmy, ava and jamshed all by himself with little help from his ailling mother. This family has seen their share of hardships and i was shocked with disbelief on reading this onesided atrocity.

    Jimmy was very young when he lost his father and had just finished his mba, it must have been hard for him to loose his single pillar support. His father meant everything to him.

    i dont believe this news. Its a false allegation perhaps with an intention. Jimmy is a religious man who seeks directions from our lord all mighty. He prays better than most dasturs i have known and i can bet my right hand on it. There may be some misunderstanding within the family or perhaps some disagreement, but then show me a family that don’t.

    This article is a cc of some junk printed by TOI which is very very famous for advertorials they term as news. TOI is the trendsetter of this advertorials business, “u pay, they print”. NGO’s generally use this service, i am told.

    I knew jimmy from his early days in Mumbai, lost touch with him since 2006. I was trying to contact him and was shocked to see this article pop-up on google search. Its 6 years old but as someone who knew jimmy its only fair that some positive light be shown upon such negativity.

    I have still not been able to locate him, but where ever u r jimmy, i am sorry i wasn’t around when u must have needed a friend the most and hope all this dust is settled.