Prince Charles Visits the Godrej Mangroves


November 24, 2013

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The HRH Prince Charles was recently in India. Below is a small write up by Dorab E. Mistry of UK.

Dorab Mistry writes:

I am sending you 2 remarkable photographs of HRH Prince Charles visiting the GODREJ mangroves during his recent trip to Mumbai.

As you know, mangroves are nature’s protection against floods and storms. The mangroves on Godrej land are the only ones left in Mumbai. The Godrej family have assiduously preserved them and eschewed any development of this natural safeguard. A very proud moment for everyone at Godrej to have this visit by HRH Prince Charles – a confirmed environmentalist.

The first photo has Adi Godrej ( Chairman, Godrej Group ) with his cousin Jamshyd Godrej ( Chairman, Godrej & Boyce ) escorting HRH. The second photo also has their cousin Rishad Naoroji – a well known environmentalist who has devoted his life to the study and preservation of Birds and their Habitats.