Punjab Chief Justice Shiavax J Vazifdar leads esprit de corps


August 29, 2017

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The Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice S J Vazifdar manifested exemplary goodwill by proceeding ‘on leave’ on Monday.

The move paved way for the high court’s senior-most judge Justice Surinder Singh Saron to be appointed as chief justice just days before his retirement.

Sources in the high court said, Justice Saron, who is scheduled to retire on September 4, would not have served as the chief justice of the high court towards the fag end
of his career had it not been for the incumbent Chief Justice Vazifdar proceeding on leave.

A notification by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice (Copy with Deccan Herald), states that Justice Saron ‘will perform the duties as Chief Justice of the High Court from August 21 to August 29 during the leave absence of Justice S J Vazifdar’. The goodwill move being inferred by members of the Bar is being applauded, also because it tends to recognise the meritorious service of Justice Saron all through his career as a high court Judge.

This isn’t the first time that Chief Justice Vazifdar has acted in a befitting manner. Last week, during the Independence day celebration, Justice Vazifdar extended similar graciousness towards the senior-most judge. Since Justice Saron was to retire, the chief justice stepped aside to offer Justice Saron the privilege to unfurl the national flag at a ceremony held here on August 15. It was a rare moment when the national flag was unfurled by the senior-most judge of the high court in the presence of the chief justice.

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  1. Narendra

    Such noble gesture is both rare and praiseworthy. Respects to the CJ Vazifdar.