Rayomand J. Patell: Restoring Vintage Cars


November 11, 2022

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Our dear friend Rayomand J. Patell is a man of many talents. He’s a rockstar in the Advertising space for years and is equally a rockstar in the car world in Mumbai. His passion for cars extends to restoring old cars back to their glory.

Check his work out on instagram: Rayostorations

In this episode of A Niche Thing powered by Kotak Privy League Programme, Rayo breaks down the entire culture of car restoration which is largely driven by emotion, memories, nostalgia and the satisfaction of bring a car back to life. He also talks about the community and how approachable this hobby can be.

Rayo is an advertising veteran who got into cars at the age of 18 and since then has fixed and restored many cars and been a part of the community which includes organizing vintage car rallies. His Instagram account is @rayostorations where he documents restoration projects.