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March 14, 2018

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Parsi tech entrepreneur Sheriyar Patel is the mastermind behind two new ventures in the mobile and digital realm.

The first is the ShareYaar Event App

logoShareYaar App lists events by location and category.  The App allows the users to find events in and around a specific location and based on their interest.  The information helps the user to see what’s happening and that might interest  them.  The App also allows event organizers to post and promote their own events at no cost.

What differentiates ShareYaar from other apps is the ‘Teams’ feature that lets the user create an exclusive community / group by adding members from their contact list and posting events for that Team only.

The idea behind ShareYaar app was to create a platform where you could quickly and conveniently see what’s happening near you. So the idea is to Post, Promote & Discover!

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A second concurrent venture is IdeaIndia is a website to publish and distribute eBooks, Articles, Photos and other digital content on India or by authors from India. is open to publishing fiction, non-fiction, academic and general interest content.   We promote new authors who would like to publish their work not only in English but also in India’s regional languages as well. The original idea behind was to create a platform for new authors to get their work published online.

An additional new feature is the ‘Marketplace for Startups’ – where founders can promote their startup ideas to potential investors online.

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Sheriyar Patel can be contacted by email on or on his mobile +91 9920202659.