Three Zartathushtis represented the religion of “The Three Wisemen” at the Council on Foreign Relations of USA


December 3, 2019

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Three men represented the religion of “The Three Wisemen” at the Council on Foreign Relations of USA

Zoroastrianism was represented at the council on foreign relations of USA luncheon held on 25th November at the San Diego convention center in California USA, which was attended by over 200 Scholars and Religious leaders.

The president of Federation of North American Zoroastrian Associations FEZANA Homi Gandhi, the president of North American Mobeds’ Council NAMC Ervad Ardaviraf Minocherehomji and Zarrir Bhandara ably represented us at this luncheon “Religion and Foreign Policy- Bridging the Divide”

The panel discussion speakers were Rebecca Linder Blachly, Director of Office Government Relations Episcopal Church. Shaun Casey, Director of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University. Suhail Khan Senior Fellow of Muslim-Christian Understanding, Institute for Global Engagement. Brie Loskota, Executive Director of the Center of Religion and Civic Culture University of Southern California, Moderating.

After the address Homi Gandhi and Ardaviraf Minocheherhomji spoke to Rebecca about creating more awareness about the minority religions like ours, Zarrir asked her about what policies are we formulating to curb the Global warming and safe guarding our environment, stating that the animal farming creates more pollution in our environment than any other industry. Further, Zarrir asked her about formulating a policy for clergies to interpret their scriptures to spread peace and love rather than war and hatred and to solve any Socio-religious-political issues with love and light rather than shove and fight, which was very well taken note of.


Homi Gandhi, Irina Faskianos Vice President, CFR National Program and Outreach, Ervads Ardaviraf Minocheherhomji & Zarrir Bhandara.


Ardaviraf Minocheherhomji, Homi Gandhi Zarrir Bhandara.