Viraf Daruwala (Nalladaru) Vies for Guinness Book of Records

He is faster than a calculator. Give him two 500-digit numbers in two rows and he can subtract the second from the first in 200 seconds flat. Meet 50-year-old Viraf Daruwala (Nalladaru), Surat’s ‘man of subtraction’, who is vying for a record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A Parsi, Viraf is a former employee of Surat Electricity Company (SEC), now Torrent Power SEC. His passion for digits started on the job while he was reading electricity meters. Viraf developed the knack of subtracting big numbers without using a calculator. He began by subtracting five-digit numbers in just two-and-a-half seconds.

In 2005, his unique subtraction feat got him an entry in the Limca Book of Records for subtracting 60-digit numbers in 30 seconds flat. Since then he is trying hard for the honour in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bawaji, as he is known, belongs to a middle-class family, and works as a private electrician. However, most of his time is spent on digits. "Those who know me call me ‘a man of subtraction’. I am specially called in the birthday parties by our community members, wherein I am asked to perform the game of subtraction for entertaining the kids," Viraf said.

It was after some suggestions from his friends that Viraf started surfing the net to check whether there were any world records in ‘his field of subtraction’. His long search led him to one Shakuntala Devi, who has set a record for multiplication and addition.

"I wanted to do something different. Subtracting 5 from 2 is simple. But it becomes difficult to subtract 2 from 5 and that too when you have 500 such digits in two rows,” Viraf said.

Viraf is likely to be called by the Guinness Book record management team to perform the feat in the presence of experts in the next few weeks. "I am eagerly waiting to visit the Guinness World Record bureau in the UK. I will be the first to perform from Surat to hold the record and I am feeling very proud," Viraf added.

  • Joanna

    Hey…this sounds very interesting…do keep me posted in case you get selected, can try writing a story for DNA…oh, and all the best at Guinness 🙂


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    KEEP IT UP !

  • Dr. Cyrus B. Toorkey

    Substracting 500 numbers written intwo lines! That is incredible. Do keep the Zarthushti world posted through this forum. All the best for the Guiness reccord.
    Good Luck. God Bless.

  • Fali

    All the best Mr. Viraf. GOD Bless u.

  • Aspi

    It’s nice to see a Parsi enter the Guinness Book of Records, I am sure he will surely be succesfull. Your community is with you. Go Viraf Go.

    Aspi – Vancouver

  • Kavas

    I use to work for Surat Electricity Co. till 1988.and we both joined the company at the same time. Congrats and wish you success. My dad Mr. Kavas Daruwalla use to work for the same company ….

  • Perviz Vatchha – Kenya

    Congratulations Viraf. You have done the Parsis proud. Best of Luck!

  • viraf erachsha daruwala

    thanks my wellwishers.

    i show our parsee power.

    my address; 12/2674,’asho farohar’,saiyedpura-bibi ni wadi.
    b/h.shahenshahi atashbehram. SURAT-395003. (gujrat) greater india.

    Mo. 098255 71025
    Resi.099254 85140

  • viraf daruwala

    i proud to be a parsi.

  • viraf daruwala