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Was Homi Bhabha’s plane hit by Italian aircraft?


April 16, 2009

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On January 24, 1966, Air India flight AI 101 Mumbai-Paris crashed on Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps on the border of France and Italy.

Amongst the 117 passengers killed was noted nuclear scientist Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha. Although the world believes the aircraft crashed, Daniel Roche, an aviation enthusiast who has spent five years researching and collecting the remnants of the plane from Mont Blanc, says the plane was hit by an Italian military aircraft or a missile.

Roche, 57, a property consultant in Lyon, France, has collected about three tonne of parts of the two Air India (AI) aircraft that crashed into the glacier of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps (4,810 m or 15,781 feet).

One was the propeller aircraft Malabar Princess, which crashed in 1950, and the other was the Boeing 707 Kanchenjunga. "While the parts of Malabar Princess were found around one spot, those of Kanchenjunga were found scattered around a 25 km range," he says.

Roche, who stays 200 km away from the accident sites, has spent five days a week in his expedition to seek out the truth, and his story has already appeared in the French media.

Roche says that while the Malabar Princess is a clear case of a crash, the Kanchenjunga was hit by an Italian military aircraft or a missile. "If Kanchenjunga had crashed in the mountain, there should have been huge fire and explosion as there was 41,000 tonne of fuel in the aircraft, but that was not the case. Just two minutes before the crash, the aircraft was at 6,000 feet above the ground. According to me, it collided with an Italian aircraft and as there is very little oxygen at that height, there was no combustion that could cause an explosion," he says.

During his excavations in the Mont Blanc glacier, he found the black box of the aircraft, the pilot’s manual, a camera, jewellery, and other belongings of the passengers that had over the last 40 years sunk some 8 km into the glacier and descended down the mountainside. "With the help of the scientific police of France, we were able to retrieve pictures from the camera," he says.

Talking about his suspicion of the Italian plane, he says, "There were news reports that time about an Italian aircraft that had gone missing the same day. There are chances that it collided into the aircraft.I managed to find a fuel tank of the Italian plane with inscriptions on it," he says.

Roche has made a DVD about his investigations and even has 80 kg of documented research papers. "I do not know whether it was a conspiracy or what as Bhabha was going to give India its first nuclear bomb, which the nuclear powers of that time did not want," he says. "In India, nobody speaks about the incident. I feel that it is my duty to tell the truth to the world based on the evidence. If the Indian govern-
ment wants, I am ready to hand over the documents and the belongings of the passengers to them. They will have to pay for the shipment charges," he says.

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  1. vickie

    My husband’s mother was on this flight (she worked for Air India and lived in the United States, was a US citizen from Hawaii and living in California at time of crash). Mr. Roche states he has retrieved personal items of passengers. She was from the United States – what efforts is he making to contact relatives of non-Indian passengers?