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Zoroastrians Stepping Forward

We are happy to inform about a new initiative by a group of Zoroastrian youth. Behrose Taraporewalla informs:

Zoroastrians are known for their humanitarian work around the world. However there has never been a concerted effort by our community to focus on a global issue—this is our first step toward global action —Zoroastrians Stepping Forward. With this, as a community, we will take a leap toward helping others. On a selected day in 2012 Zoroastrians around the world will partake in our day of service.

Many of us take our shoes for granted. They enable us to get where we are going as well as accessorize. But could you imagine going without them—working on a farm, going to school, or traveling along the hot roads? We want you to think about doing just that—but we aren’t going to ask you to forgo your shoes. Instead we ask you to join us in a walk to foster community unity around the globe while collecting both money and shoes for those who truly need it. Without shoes you a more susceptible to infection and diseases—often introduced through a small cut or scrape. Because of this SHOES are the focus of Zoroastrians Stepping Forward—the 1st Annual Zoroastrian Day of Service.

The First Annual Zoroastrian Day of Service is scheduled for May 5th, 2012.

More information on the Zoroastrians Stepping Forward Facebook page.