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ZYNG Creates Platform for Youth Interaction

Although a modest Rs 1 crore was allocated in the Union budget to impede dwindling population of minority communities, city’s Parsis believe self-help is the best help. The community, under the Bombay Parsi Panchayat (BPP), has started Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation (ZYNG), a social platform to promote interaction between Parsis in the age group of 15 to 40. They have also created a website for the same, called www.zyng.org.

Viraf Mehta, a member of the ZYNG management committee, said, "Most people think 40 years is too old to be considered youth. However, one shouldn’t forget that Parsis often marry late." Speaking about ZYNG, Viraf said, "As more than half the Parsis in Mumbai live outside colonies (baugs), and a lot of events that take place within the baug, ZYNG will certainly help those people know about what’s happening in the community."

ZYNG had recently organised a paintball event for Parsis and plans to arrange some more programmes on Navroz, which falls on March 21. "One of our objectives is to promote matrimony within the community. Through ZYNG, we hope Parsi youngsters would be able to meet and even get hitched." The group also plans to hold group movie outings and picnics along with speed dating round for its 1,500-member base some time in the future.

Zarina Kolah, a Parsi, who lives in a private building as opposed to a baug, said, "I think ZYNG is a great initiative and Parsis everywhere must make an effort to interact with people from within the community."

Originally posted in Mid-Day