Parsis celebrate ‘Pateti’ with fervour


August 21, 2007

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Mumbai, Aug. 20 (PTI): Parsis in the metropolis heralded the Parsi New Year (Pateti), with traditional gaiety and fervour today.

Besides visiting friends and relatives, preparation of sweets like suterfenis, ‘jalebis’ and aawa fish topped the agenda of Parsis here.

“Pateti is special as we come together with friends and family to celebrate. Also we cook our special Parsi dishes on this day,” N Mody, a resident of South Mumbai, said.

The New Year celebrations included visits to the fire temples, exchanging sumptuous sweets and relishing a feast.

During the 10-day run-up to the Parsi New Year, Parsis remembered their departed family members, the souls of whom they believe, visit them during the 10-day period.

“The New Year is ushered in with great excitement and jubilation wishing all our family members and friends ‘saal mubarak’ (Happy New Year) on the phone or in person”, Mody said.

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