Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India Pakistan and The World

We are the warriors of the Light

Our dear friend and whiz adman Rayomand J. Patell wrote the following on a social media post today.

We are the warriors of the Light.


Our Fire Temples try to gently remind us of this.

When Europe was still climbing down from trees, the Persian Empire stretched across the known world.

The first charter of Human Rights? That’s us.

When the Jews needed help capturing the Temple Of Solomon back, we had their back.

Christianity? Our Magi (Holy Priests) were the Three Wise Men who’d foretold of the Lord’s birth.

Yes we lost to Islamic forces in our own homeland. But we preserved the Light by giving up everything else. Duty fulfilled. Of a warrior race. And our ancient Aryan brothers the Hindus took us in when we needed it most, despite the schisms in the original Proto-Aryan race.

And it makes me sick to think that 4000 years later, our fights are about who is a Zoroastrian and who is a Parsi and who gets to be a member in a Club whose very existence is threatened.

Rise over these divisions. Warriors are meant to fight together, not each other.

Let Zoroastrianism be a universal religion accepting all.

Let the Parsis in India preserve the identity of the race that came over by sea 1200 years ago.

How difficult is this to resolve between the Orthodox and Progressive factions?

We are not lost sheep blinded by myopia, we are Warriors of the Light.