May Thou Blaze Resplendent Oh Iranshah – Kavi Ardeshir Khabardar – Shreeji Iranshah No Garbo


April 20, 2020

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Our dearest friend and mentor Ervad Soli Dastur writes in on the occasion of the upcoming Salgreh of the Iranshah Atashbehram

Shehenshahi Adar Mah has already started and on Adar Roj and Adar Mah, April 21st Tuesday, we will celebrate Iranshah’s 1299th Saalgareh! During the past Iranshah Saalgarehs, our WZSEs have explained what goes on in Udvada on these Saalgarehs and the commotion caused by many Humdins visiting Iranshah on this auspicious day.

They can be accessed at:

(Please see the attached photos from Iranshah’s Saalgareh in 2004, the line to pay homage to Iranshah inside Aatash Behraam and the annual “pangat” to feed over 2000 Humdins by Petit funds).

2004 Iranshah Salgareh Adar Maah and Adar Roj
Cooks of the Petit Pangat in Udvada
Petit Pangat in Udvada

For this Iranshah Saalgareh, we are presenting a unique Gujarati Pawaado or Garbo (epic Poem) written by none other than the famous Parsi Gujarati poet, Kavi (Poet) Ardeshir Faraamji Khabardaar! The Garbo has 91 verses and the whole Garbo is attached in PDF format to this WZSE.

It is called: Shreeji Iranshah No Garbo.

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It traces in poetic format the entire history of our ancestors in Iran who stayed in Kohistan, Hormuzd Harbor, Div in Gujarat Kathiawad and then to Sanjan and then the entire history of Iranshah from Sanjan to Udvada and the associated important events in this epic journey!

Today, we will present the first 9 verses of this Garbo.

So here are the first 9 verses of the Iranshah Garbo by Kavi Khabardaar:

May Thou Blaze Resplendent Oh Iranshah – Kavi Ardeshir Khabardar – Shreeji Iranshah No Garbo – Verses 1 – 9:


ujarati Garbo Text

English Translation by me


(1) Joog Joog maan tapo reh Iranshah!

Joog Joog maan tamaaru j tej, zalow sadaa ehj!

Tapo reh Iranshah!

(1) Ages to ages, may Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!

Ages to ages, may Thy luster shine forever!

May Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!

(2) Ameh jeeviyeh tamaaree j chhaayaa maan,

Ameh zeeliyeh tamaaro prakaash, tameh pooroh aash:

Tapo reh Iranshah!


(2) May we live safely within Thy shelter,

May we receive Thy splendor, full of hope:

May Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!


(3) Ameh goon souh tamaara shuhn gaaiyeh,

Lakhoh jeebha mukheh khootee jaay, nah toya gawaaya:

Tapo reh Iranshah!


(3) How can we ever sing all your virtues,

Even thousands of tongues can try, still not possible:

May Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!


(4) Tameh Ahuraa Mazdaa tanaa Noor chhoh,

Tameh aaptaa tenuh nishaan, jagaadoh imaan:

Tapo reh Iranshah!


(4) Thou art the Luster of Ahura Mazda,

Thou art pointing HIS Mark, awakening HIS faith:

May Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!


(5) Tameh Ahuraa Mazdaa tanaa Putra chhoh,

Ameh gaaiyeh tamaaroh prataap, mahaan amaap:

Tapo reh Iranshah!


(5) Thou art the son of Ahura Mazda,

We sing your grandeur, unmeasurable and great:

May Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!


(6) Ameh doongar jewaanh dookho sahyaah,

Ameh jaalawyoh dharma sadaay, bhaleh praana jaay:

Tapo reh Iranshah!


(6) We have suffered innumerable hardships,

But we always preserved our Religion, even with our life:

May Thou blaze resplendent, Oh Iranshah!


(7) Chhodyuh vahaalaahmaan vahaaloon vatan ameh,

Chhodyuh baheshta samun teh Iraan, tajyaan khaana paan:

Ichhaah hoh Daadaarneeh!


(7) We left our dearest native land,

Left our heavenly Maadar-e-vatan (mother land) Iran, leaving


Per Daadaar’s Wish!


(8) Ehk Ahuraa Mazdaa nee sagaaih jeh,

Kem chhodiyeh teh chhodee dharam, dubeh sahu marm:

Ichhaah hoh Daadaarneeh!


(8) We have a deep relationship with Ahura Mazda,

How can we relinquish HIS Religion, losing all purpose?

Per Daadaar’s Wish!


(9) Praanthee pun pyaaroh chheh dharma eh,

Ehneh maateh toh aapiyeh praan, beejuh shuh pramaan:

Ichhaah hoh Daadaarneeh!


(9) HIS Religion is dearer than our life,

We willingly give our lives, without reservation:

Per Daadaar’s Wish!




(Shreejee Iranshah no Garbo by Kavi Ardashir F. Khabardar Verses 1 – 9

 Please see the attached PDF book in Gujarati for the whole Garbo

SPD Explanation:

1. Kavi Khabardar has done a masterful job of presenting our history from Kohistan to Udvada and this Garbo needs to be advertised and sung by our Humdins!

2. In our MF Cama Institute, our Gujarati Teacher, Honorable Kavi Kantilal Upaadhyaay used to teach us this Garbo and taught us how to sing it. We all ex-students owe a deep gratitude to Kantilal Saheb and all our other teachers like Daruwalla, Sanjana, Sidhwa, Patel, Anklesaria, Motafram, Rana and Khambatta Sahebs for inculcating a pride to be a Zarathushtri!

3. In Aatash Nyaayesh, in its last verse, the Aatash Padshah Saheb confers following blessings to the Humdins who presented him sandal wood or dry kaathi (wood) as follows:

Prayer Text


(10) Upa thwaa hakhshoit geush vaanthwa, Upa viranaam pourutaas.

(10) Unto thy family may the flock of cattle increase! Unto thy family may there be an increase of heroic men!

Upa-thwaa verezvatcha mano, verezvaticha hakhshoit anguha.

May thou have an active mind! May thy life be active!

Urvaakhsh-anguha gaya jigaesha, taao khshapano yaao jvaahi.

Mayest thou live a joyous life, those nights that thou livest!


Imat Aathro aafrivanem, yo ahmaai aesmem baraiti hikush, raochas-pairishtaan ashaheh bereja yaozhdaataan!

The above mentioned is the blessing of the Holy Aatash Padshah for the Humdin who brings to him dry fuel, examined in the light and purified, with the blessings of righteousness.

4. Please note that when this Aatash Nyaayesh was written (Yasna 62), it was an agriculture society and so the reference to cattle in above blessing.

5. May on this auspicious Iranshah Atash Behram Salgareh day, Pak Iranshah bring health, happiness, peace and tranquility in all our lives during these extra-ordinary times!

May the flame of Paak Iranshah burn ever eternal in our hearts!

May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Respect for all burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!

In HIS Service 24/7!

Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish!)

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli