Empowering Mobeds Conduct Second Offsite Workshop in Sanjan


February 20, 2020

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Last weekend the Empowering Mobeds hosted an offsite workshop at the WZO Sanatorium in Sanjan. Over two days, young mobeds from the Dadar Athornan Institute gathered along with some of their dads, and other older mobeds, and community experts in various fields for a two day exercise.



Dinshaw Tamboly giving a motivational talk to the Young Mobeds after some fun ice breakers


Ervad Meher Modi sharing his insights on the role played by parents to encourage Mobedi


Kashmira Kakalia , all smiles while leading a session on the power of gratitude and positive thinking


Young Sharukh Karkaria participating in the interactive session

What was different in this second offsite was that there were double the volume of participants with the inclusion of senior Madressa students.

A special feature was the witnessing of endearing moments of fathers passing on the baton to their sons. Likewise, the kids honouring their dads as role models in the communication skills workshop.

Cheers to father son bonding. Double cheers to our present and future mobeds







A fit Mobed would lead the community better. This is how Day 2 started for us today – fitness session led by Er Farzad Driver


Our dear friend Ervad Sheherazad Pavri writes on his social media profile….

“As a fun weekend comes to an end, I am thankful to everyone who attended the offsite training with us at Empowering Mobeds. With topics ranging from Communication skills, positive thinking, etiquette as well as a morning fitness session , all coupled with some lipsmacking food, the young boys of the Dadar Athornan Institute had a good time. The hospitality at the WZO Sanjan Sanatorium is super; shout out to the Tavadia family for hosting us so well. Thanks to Binaifer Sahukar Kashmira Kakalia Dinshaw Tamboly Delphi Wadia Farzad Aspi Driver Hormuz Dadachanji Kaizad Karkaria Firdaus Rohinton Pavri Sarosh Kamdin Khushroo Makihatana Cyrus Darbari, Meher Modi ,Gustasp Vimadalal and Niloofer Broacha.

Great job team”

Here is a report in the Mid-Day on the event…

We must transform Mobeds into leaders, boost their numbers’

Article by Gaurav Sarkar | Mid Day

Priesthood in the Zorastrian community is a hereditary role. While traditionally men serve as priests, there are a few exceptions where women have served in the role

Nearly 30 members of the Parsi community attended a weekend workshop for Mobeds — Zorastrian priests — in Sanjan, Gujarat to develop ties among themselves and promote priesthood. Six parent-child duos also participated to enrich their bonds.

Priesthood in the Zorastrian community is a hereditary role. While traditionally men serve as priests, there are a few exceptions where women have served in the role.

The workshop focussed on young Mobeds aged between 13 and 16 years bonding with their parents who are serving as priests. Activities for communication skills, positive training sessions, and simulation exercises were held.

“It was wonderful to see the baton being passed on,” said Binaifer Sahukar, convenor of Empowering Mobeds, the platform that conducted the workshop. “The fathers were talking to the children about their work life, its importance, challenges they face.” A mother-son duo was also present at the workshop.

Sahukar emphasised on parent-child bonding as it ensures the survival of Mobeds. “There are 50 agiaries in the city and four Atash Behrams,” she said. “Given the declining number of Parsi priests, we have to try and retain the few children pursuing priesthood. The best way to do so is by monetising the profession. There has to be some incentive. Our senior priests are overburdened and are like doctors on call — running from one fire to another.”

Sahukar added that the community has to support and effect this change by being more respectful and generous towards priests. “The objective of empowering Mobeds is to elevate their position to that of leaders.”