Ervad Freyaan K. Vimadalal of Houston ordained as Navar


January 22, 2019

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Parsi Khabar is happy to announce that the son of our dear friends Khushroo and Parynaz Vimadalal was ordained as a Navar this past week.

Ervad Freyaan K. Vimadalal was born in New Jersey USA and lived there till very recently when he and his family relocated to Houston a year and a half ago . Ervad Freyaan was ordained as a priest on Sunday, 13th January 2019 (roj Aneran, mah Amardad, 1388 Y. Z.). The Navar ceremony was performed by Ervad Aspandiar R. Dadachanji and Ervad Adil Bhesania at Vatcha Gandhi Agiary, Mumbai.


Freyaan was taught his Navar prayers by Ervad Peshotan Unwala in Houston.

Freyaan continues in the priestly lineage going back three generations on both his Bapawaji and Bapaiji’s side. His father Khushroo is a priest  too and was an active board member of ZAGNY in New York and his kaka Nauzar is an active priest at ZAGBA in Boston.

With Freyaan as an inspiration, we look forward to his younger brother Darian following in his footsteps in the years to come.

Wishing young Ervad Freyaan hearty congratulations and best wishes for abundant good health, joy, success, happiness and many long years in the service of our glorious Zoroastrian religion.