Hormuz Javat: 13-year-old Zoroastrian priest keeps tradition alive


January 29, 2016

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ervad-hormuz-mahveer-javatWhen Hormuz Javat was 8 years old, he faced a pretty serious decision: did he want to begin training as a Zoroastrian priest?

He’d have to begin soon because the training took four years, building up to his ordination at age 12.

Hormuz is a Parsi, a follower of the Zoroastrian faith. His ancestors fled Persia after facing religious persecution and settled in the Indian subcontinent in the late six hundreds.

Today, there are about ten thousand Parsis living in Canada, but there aren’t enough Zoroastrian spiritual leaders to sustain the community.

It’s a familiar dilemma for faith groups all over the world. 

In her documentary Becoming My Mother’s Priest, Sujata Berry tells the story of how one family is keeping the tradition alive.




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  1. Aspy

    Wish young Hormuz the very best & may he continue to fill the void left by absence of duly ordained ‘mobeds’. Of course no praise is high enough for his mother Tanaz, to have this wish fulfilled, in terms of time, expense & support.