The Starting of Good Times: Zoroastrian Perspective


July 29, 2020

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I’d like to shed some light on the present circumstances from a Zoroastrian perspective.

hqdefaultThe virus, pandemic, or any kind pain and sickness does not come from God, God is all good. Hence, only the good and good can ever come from God.

Evil comes from an agency outside God, namely Ahriman.  It depends on us, as to whom we give more power to.

If we practice a life of a good Zoroastrian practicing the tenets of our religion, following the laws of hygiene, keeping ourselves clean internally & externally, and treading the path of Asha- righteousness, truth and order, then we are making God more powerful.

On the other hand, if we do not follow the tenets of our own religion and do not keep ourselves clean internally and externally, then we are giving more power to ahriman- the evil force.

This pandemic is unlike any that humankind has ever experienced. Therefore, this year’s Muktad will be very different from years before.

Starting August 6th, the holy days of Muktad begin, which is when Fravashis/Farohars-the spiritual beings visit our physical world to bless us and to clean and renovate this world, they work behind the scenes, fighting our battles. Thus, preparing us for a breakthrough.

Hence, this year I believe a cosmic battle will take place during these holy days and whenever there is a battle, it is challenging for one and all, so it is extremely important that we are in a heightened state of purity and awareness during this time, taking care of our ourselves and our environment, following the laws of cleanliness etc. At least until September 3rd-Farvardin Mah and Farvardin Roj- which is a day dedicated to Farohars, we should be extra vigilant & cautious. Starting this day- Sept. 3rd, I believe that we should be able to see a shift towards better times and healing in our world.

As of September 15, Hormazd roj and Ardibehesht mah– the day of wisdom- I trust we will experience even more improvement, since Hormazd and Ardibehesht are responsible for removing all kind of affliction.

Finally, on Gosh roj of Ardibehesht Mah, which is September 28th, I have confidence that we will see a great positive change in our world.