Monaz Viraf Gandhi Wins Harvey Award for MONTEA


October 20, 2017

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Ms. Monaz Viraf Gandhi slams historical special category award ton by bagging two high profile awards namely The Harvey Youngest Achiever 2017-2018 and The Harvey Most Valuable Indian 2017-2018 at The Harvey Excellence Awards hosted on 27 September 2017 at London.

Monaz Viraf Gandhi, A Mumbai based pre-school teacher working at The Learning Curve, Mumbai has created historical innovation named MONTEA slide1who is the India’s first Humanoid Teaching Robot. MONTEA has claimed worldwide recognition in the field of education through the promotions and campaigns organized by SXRC – USA all over the world in different schools and colleges and other testing laboratories. Due to the overwhelming performance of MONTEA worldwide, SXRC Board Members had proposed the name of newly invented and demonstrated MONTEA to The Harvey Awards Council, London, UK with its performance reports, demonstration videos and other necessary documents.

MONTEA is developed with the idea of giving a personalized learning companion to the kids. • •MONTEA helps kids to learn by showing different practical aspects of the topic as well as using its own Human Encoded Sense of Humor, it makes learning for kids’ utmost fun. It has 35 degrees of freedom which means it is meant to do much more like a human friend.
• MONTEA is not intended to be used by replacing a teacher for teaching new facts to students but it is a student’s and teacher’s assistant who helps in the process of explaining the facts in much higher depth using its own practical senses and logic to create experimentation for live demonstration. Hence, it speeds up learning of the kids.
• MONTEA extends the concepts of “Learn from Demonstration” which uses a hierarchical logistic
regression system that allows MONTEA to choose the actions autonomously using the style of the human demonstrator.

MONTEA Demonstrating To Kids His Teaching Skills


MONTEA Learning To Stretch Hand & Fingers (LFD)


moni-07• MONTEA uses all the sensors and audio video functions highly advanced with RZ-AI and THD quality pixilation with 500 times better clarity than a HD Screen or Camera. It uses dual THD camera sensors as eyes and a head implanted tactile sensor so it can sense your motion towards it.
• It has speech senses like a human and it interacts with kids and humans very well and effectively making them feel as their true friend.
• It is compact enough with a height of just 1.5 feet to 2 feet as per customizations and so it can be carried along also accompanied along walking like a friend of the kid. It is very safe as it obeys all ASIMO rules and regulations for being a humanoid robot.
• MONTEA has self-learning capabilities due to its RZ-AI Neural Schema as coded by Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi and it can recognize and modify the error functionality of its embedded program. It has senses to talk like a human based on the Neural Schema.
• MONTEA is programmed using Microsoft Robotics Studio and RZ-AI Robotic Development Schema will all its modules created and marked as copyrights of Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi.

• MONTEA under specific conditions can be controlled by Windows Mobile or Windows PC to make it work as per requirement of teaching the kids. The presently coded content is to teach only pre-school students but later on even higher education contents will be added to its Neural Schema. It has an upgraded memory of 100 TB for storage of high quality media and data.
• MONTEA can access cloud data from One Drive and Google Drive along with other cloud storage options which makes it more versatile to access the stored data and media without even bothering about any storage space. It uses a special WI-MI system for communication to the cloud using its 100 MBPS connection speed.
• MONTEA can replicate its program and create a new MONTEA if both are connected using their special program replication joints.