Adil Nargolwala: 28 Marathons and Counting


February 15, 2017

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When you meet this 47-year-old human resource professional from Delhi, his fitness will inspire you to make new goals for your health. Having made it to the Limca Book of Records, Adil S Nargolwala now aims to be the sixth Indian in the world to complete the Abbott World Marathon Majors — the six major marathons across the world. “My Limca Book of Records came when I completed 39 long distance running events, between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 — the calendar that is followed by the record book,” says Adil.


From recruiting people to running marathons, his life has been a self-discovery. “In 2009, I read about a marathon, while working in Pune. Though I didn’t participate in that marathon, I did take part in the half marathon in Mumbai and since then I haven’t stopped,” he adds.

To be able to run for so many hours, one has to be fit. It has been months since I ate a burger. One has to make a lot of sacrifices but in turn it makes your life disciplined.

As a college-goer, Adil used to indulge in motor sports. “But, as I got involved in my professional life, I became a couch potato. Once I started participating in marathons, my entire lifestyle changed. To be able to run for so many hours, one has to be fit. It has been months since I ate a burger. One has to make a lot of sacrifices but it makes one’s life disciplined. Also, running gives me 4-5 hours to think. When I run, I think about a lot of things,” says Adil, who is a self-trained marathon-runner.

Until last week, he had completed 28 marathons including the Abbott World Marathon Majors in New York, Chicago, London and Berlin. He says, “My registration for the marathons in the rest of the two cities, that is, Boston and Tokyo has also been accepted. Once I complete all six cities, I will be one among the only six Indians in the world to have done so.”

Boston marathon fund raiser – Support for Adil S Nargolwala

In Nov 2015 Adil set a goal to run the major world marathon series and he has so far run the marathons in New York, London, Berlin, Chicago & will run in Tokyo in two weeks on the 26th of February.

Adil was recently listed in the Limca book of records as the national holder of running the maximum long distance races in a year.

The Special Olympics team has chosen him to run the final major marathon in Boston on the 17th of April 2017 with them.

Till date only 5 Indians out of 1292 marathon runners in the world have accomplished running all 6 majors marathons.

With your help he hopes to be the 6th Indian.

To accomplish his goal by running the final world major marathon in Boston is the icing on the cake.

He has committed to the Special Olympics team a fund raising goal of USD 8500. The special Olympics team uses funds for working with disabled athletes to achieve their goals.

To kick start his fundraiser he has donated USD 2000 and requests you to please donate generously to help him achieve his fund raising goal.

To donate click the link –