Kaizin Pooniwala: Celebrating Two Sides Of The Same Coin


August 4, 2016

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Give her a paintbrush, and she can paint the most evocative painting; give her a bike and she will ride the world on her sleeves. This isn’t a line from any song; this is Kaizin Pooniwala’s reality – a courteous introvert by appearance and a painter and biker by passion. Like her name, Kaizin’s one of a kind who knows how to finely balance the extremes of her personality.




Just back from a road trip to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, she feels life has never been better! Having ridden 1,400 kilometres in 14 days, she says, “The whole experience was surreal, and the tall, majestic mountains full of surprises – a stream, waterfall and even a landslide – made me push my limits and ride a little more.”

Sharing her experience of riding on a difficult terrain she says, “The moment I got on the road, I told myself that if I can do this then I can do anything in the world.” Creating a new path for herself, Kaizin describes her bike as her first love. Mind you, this time the bike is a ‘he’! Kaizin believes that she was born to ride and her bike makes her stand tall through the toughest times. ‘He’ inspires her to roar like a winner and cross her limits.


In her other world, Kaizin is a painter and a creative person. Having worked as a Promo Producer for over five years, she now works as a creative consultant. Ask her how she manages to keep up with so many personalities, and she giggles, “I must confess that I have a split personality disorder. I know when to bring out which side of me. It’s fun to be gentle and lady like as well as to be rugged, wild and dirty. I just balance it all well.”


Intriguing, indeed! Kaizin is a perfect example of ‘when two worlds collide. A lover of speed, adventure and experiences, Kaizin finds thrill on her KTM 200, and joy through her paintbrushes and canvas. Kaizin shows what’s it like to be passionate, and how to wear your passion with style. Her wardrobe reflects her true self – free spirited and bold.

“My closet encompasses all my personality facets — from being a tomboy to being girlie to being a working women.” Kaizin’s wardrobe is a perfect mix of rider jackets, kurtas and leggings, LBDs, high heels, comic print T-shirts, funky jewellery, cool shades and much more.

For Kaizin, style is all about wearing what’s comfortable and looks cool. “It doesn’t matter how casual or funky I look, it’s all about the way I carry myself.” She loves wearing crop tops and believes ‘if you have it you must flaunt it.’ Along side, Kaizin has a collection of loose T-shirts and pants, and prefers keeping a distance from skin-hugging clothes “I like going easy, light and happy with my clothes!” – a reflection of her free-spirited side.

WM: How would you define your style?
KP: Sporty, peppy, funky and classy. I wear what I am.

WM: Your style quote?
KP: Dress up because you love wearing what you’re wearing. Don’t wear a style to impress others!

WM: You favourite riding gear?
KP: I invest in good jackets that have elbow and shoulder guards. Sometimes, for a city ride I wear a simple leather jacket that’s cool and chic. And, I always wear a helmet for safety.


WM: One thing you always have in your closet?
KP: A cool pair of faded jeans and a white ganji/plain T-shirt and a black tee. I like to team them with a cool jacket or a shrug and cool jewellery.

WM: Your secret desire
KP: I always wanted to be a superhero. And, I fulfil my desire by wearing superhero T-shirts. I love to been seen in them, and wearing those make me feel like a superhero.

WM: An accessory you can’t do without?
KP – It has to be my Esprit watch that my sister gifted to me years ago. It looks like a bracelet, and looks just right on me. It brings out my personality spot on – bold, yet classy.

WM: Any style statement with bags?
KP: Well not really! I have casual sling bags that look sporty.


WM: What’s your take on footwear?
KP: I love experimenting with shoes. I like metallic shades. I also love my red shoes. And, I prefer wearing heels in gold and nude.

WM: Your fondness for jewellery?
KI:  love collecting simple, stylised, quirky jewellery from the places I travel.


WM: Do you like Indian or Western wear?
KP: I like it either Indo-Western or Western. I team up my Indian wear with something western.

WM: What is your favourite place for shopping?
KP: I love shopping from Colaba causeway. It has everything I need. Also, I am not brand conscious, except when it comes to riding accessories.

WM: One thing you just can’t get give away?
KP: It’s my old pair of favourite shorts. It’s just difficult to part ways with them. Also, there are some old T-shirts that I wear while painting and still have paint splattered on it. They are very dear to me.


Shot and edited by Lakshay Arora for WODROB.

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  1. Kj Dastur

    So badass… And the fact that she doesn’t try to impress others makes it even more so.