Rayomand Banajee: Motorsports Post Lockdown in India


May 6, 2020

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From roaring engines, cheering spectators to online racing and limiting crowds at actual racing events, motorsports is in for some changes post the COV-ID-19 lockdown as the fraternity is eagerly waiting for the next racing season to begin.

imageThe lockdown which is currently on across the globe has had an impact on various sports. And, motor-sports is no different.

Sakal Times caught up with Rayomand Banajee, himself an eight-time national karting champion and now team principal of Rayo Racing, who spoke about how the motorsports fraternity has been affected and how they are gearing up for a change post lockdown.

“All over the world, all sports and also motorsports have taken a bad hit. It’s no different for us in India. It has certainly impacted us very badly. However it is al o an opportunity to innovate. Many racers are now racing online” Rayomand informed.

When asked about the changes that would be seen in motorsports post the corona era. Rayomand aid, “The biggest change will be the acceptance of online racing. Our company IR eSports has recently started an online racing league – Indian Sim Racing League in association with Volkswagen Motorsport. This has brought Indian racers from over 14 cities to race together. Moreover, others can also view the races live, on various social media stream. “

What ” goes down, will come up. So things will improve. For racers this is the right time to look within and see how one can improve themselves. Work on fitness and also aspects like :speaking in front of the camera, media interactions, sponsorship profiles, contact building, social media, etc.
– Rayomand Banajee

Rayomand Banajee said that organizers might have to move things like entry formalities online and minimize the use of cash exchanges.

Speaking about precautions organizers should take when they plan for an event after the lockdown. Rayomand said. ”Social distancing is the very obvious and most important precaution that organizers will have to take. In events like our IndiKarting series, which see a huge number of participants we will have to  stagger the different categories so that only a few competitors come to the venue at the same time. Briefings will have to be done such that there is a substantial distance between individuals.”

“Initially spectators would probably be barred from the event. Organizers will have to frequently sanitize common areas and probably move things like entry formalities online and minimize the use of cash exchanges. Online payments and eWallets will be the right way fonvard” Rayomand added.

Recession combined with lockdown has affected us badly. There is no easy solution for it. It is definitely going to take time to recover. It’s a time that we will have to just survive and use the time to improve various aspects of what we do. We had spread ourselves over different activities, but this i the first time that everything has ground to a complete halt at the same time. We will definitely have to find new ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and try out different avenues for income,” Rayomand informed. “Even once the lockdown is over, catching the virus is going to be a very realistic situation. Staying fit will help improving immunity,” Rayomand concluded.