MasterClass Session: Gathas – The Revelation that Created the First Religion


June 5, 2020

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And Then There Was Spitaman Zarathushtra The Righteous!

© Khojeste P. Mistree

Speaking to an online audience, Khojeste transformed words into a corridor of the past, taking us on an incredible journey, deep into the times when Zarathushtra emerged on the ethically barren landscape of ancient Iran, in c.1500 BCE.

There was a spectacular moment, when through the passion of his words he almost made Zarathushtra appear before us clearing the pathway, separating the Good from Evil, and acutely presenting the Good. Like an alchemist, he brought Zarathushtra into our presence, standing before us with ‘hands outstretched’, taking us into the heart of his messaage, vibrating with Truth and Happiness

Khojeste skilfully picked up the multitude of threads woven together in Zarathushtra’s complex revelation, and unravelled the Gathic parts of the Kem na Mazda and Hormazda Khodae prayers, infused with praise and worship, and its link with the Sudreh and Kusti. Quoting Jamsheed Choksy, he emphasized that every time we tie the kusti, we are promising Ahura Mazda through Zarathushtra’s revelation that: We promise to do that which is most excellent according to the will of Ahura Mazda. His online session brought before us the revelation, that gave the world the first revealed Religion.

Watch the © MasterClass Session video, to immerse yourself in the Gathic revelation of Spitaman Zarathushtra.


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