Playwright Nozer Buchia: Vari Baanna Paachhal Thi


December 18, 2010

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nozerNozer Buchia has been writing, directing and acting in plays for over 25 years under the banner of Nozer Buchia Productions. The latest play to release on stage is “Vari Baanna Paachhal Thi” (loosely translated, “Oh, you’ve been standing behind the door and listening to gossip once again.”) is sure to please anyone with a humorous vein.

By Jacob David / Indo American News

The play is being presented by the 15th North American Zoroastrian Congress. “The play is filled with fun, laughter and excitement, revealing everyday humor.”

Nozer tells me. The plot centers around a nosy, busybody, a housewife who is played by Persis (Nozer Buchia’s wife). She also helps in the production of the play by taking care of the makeup and costume design. Nozer’s 13 year old son Kyrus has his own part in the family play helping the plot move forward.

The homely, but can’t sit still busy body of a wife decides to stir up confusion on purpose by revealing only part of the gossip conversation she has just heard to her husband. The confusion that follows after promise rollicking laughter.

Writing a play is difficult, more so a comedy that is based on everyday life. “The audience will easily relate the characters on stage to an aunt they know or a grandmother or a housewife.” Nozer says. In life, Nozer has noticed that people always put their own spin on a story heard because as humans they want to feel important, that they have to make a personal input to make the story sound spicy and juicy. This is what causes confusion in the family. Everything is based on gossip, which is not true. People always add or subtract to real stories they hear for added effect. This adds to the modern day faux pas in narration.

Nozer has been writing, acting and producing plays for well over two decades. “Play acting on stage and oration has been my passion ever since I was six years old.” he says. He has produced many humorous and a few serious plays in both Gujarati and English. “I have been fortunate to be observant about daily life events.

They motivate me to pen interesting, funny lines for my plays.” With the tremendous success of the play “Kako Atakyo Bathri Jo Latakyo” (Uncle came Nephew got Strong)  in Houston, Nozer decide to spend more time in depicting life humor in his plays. His plays hold up a mirror to life lived in families in society, with all its flaws and shortcomings. All of Nozer Buchia productions come with a full set with accompanying background imagery.

The characters in the play are portrayed by actors from the local Zoroastrian community. Following the play will be a musical with Dr. Adi Tamboli on the keyboard and Nozer playing the Harmonica, feasting on nostalgic Parsi-Gujarati songs.

Nozer Buchia says that his main inspiration is the late playwright Adi Marzban, “son of Pherozeshah Jehangir Marzban, a Parsi journalist and playwright who often employed the nom de plume “Pijam”, an anagram formed from his initials, he trained in theatre at the US-based Pasadena Playhouse.

The play “Vari Baanna Paachhal Thi” is on December 30, 2010 from 7 pm – midnight, at the Intercontinental Hotel – 2222 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027. For tickets contact Hoshang Sethna at 281-499-1832.