How I travelled 185+ countries | Meher Heroyce Moos


June 20, 2017

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Our dearest friend Meher Heroyce Moos was recently a TEDx speaker in Ahmedabad, India.


Watch Meher Heroyce Moos discuss about the 3 C’s and many other things that distinguished this solo traveler from the rest. She explains how networking and voracious reading habits helps in travelling and much more.

For more than five decades, Meher has been on a never-ending adventure across the world, travelling far and wide in a quest to quench her wanderlust. While Meher’s job did take her places, she wanted to travel more, especially to offbeat places. Born and brought up in Maharashtra, Meher did her schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent in Panchgani. After that, she completed her BA (Hons.) from Sophia College, followed by LLB from the Government Law College in Bombay (now Mumbai). In 1965, at the young age of 21, she joined Air India as an air hostess. The list of unusual and exotic places Meher has been to in the world is staggeringly long: most of the mountain chains of the world, Andes, Sierra Nevada, the Rockies, the Alps, Atlas, Himalayas; the remotest islands of Indonesia, Melanesia and Polynesia; across all oceans and several rivers, the Amazon, Congo, Zambesi, Mississippi, Yangtse, Ganges; a total of more than 185 countries with over 18 passports.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at