Masters Paeridaeza: Lovely farmstay at Gholvad


May 7, 2016

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Rashna and Porus Master have started a new Bed and Breakfast in Gholvad. Per their write up….



One can book online on SaffronStays

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The homestay near Bordi Beach offers 2 lovely rooms, a courtyard displaying owner’s personal artefact collection and a menagerie of farm animals.Paeridiza meaning gardens in Persian, a name apt for this lovely Parsi-owned farmstay at Gholvad.

Detailed Description

The farmhouse is very close to Bordi beach ,precisely located at Gholvad. Gholvad is one of the unexplored sea beach destination very close to Mumbai. It’s one of the premium end examples of Bed and Breakfast proximity to Mumbai. An excellent accommodation near Bordi beach where one can enjoy their holiday.

Nobody knows why Gholvad is Gholvad, but it’s been around for a long time. The old fire temple, Jain dharamshala, and Parsi-Irani homes are also proof that this village-town has been inhabited for very long. Gholvad is situated in an ecologically fragile zone and only tourism is encouraged as an industry here. It is located about 155 kms drive from Mumbai. When in Gholvad, one can find chikoo orchards, a serene beach and ancient Parsi-Irani bungalows. The road from station up to the beach is lined with chikoo orchards & so this region is known as the ‘Chikoo Bowl’ of Maharashtra. Chikla sea beach ais very close to the property. The morning trails in between the trees beside the Gholvad beach is

While your stay at Masters Paradisa, rejuvenate your spirits in an eco-friendly quiet environment. Surrounded by lush green plantation & personalized service, get the flavour of tribal culture. The bungalow comes with a fully furnished living room, a small pond, and nature at its backdrop, thereby making this place a perfect summer getaway.

Order local parsi food from the near by eateries. Taari is a very famous drink that Parsis would any day prefer over a tea! Also, the tribal people in this region are known for their Warli artworks. Do take out time to walk around the chikoo orchards and admire the old Parsi houses and Warli paintings on the tribal homes. Gholvad is one place where industrial development is highly discouraged and that has therefore enhanced the beauty and value of this destination.

Breakfast is included in the tariff. For lunch and dinner, food can be brought from local restaurant and can be served. It comes at an additional cost. The caretaker will serve the food.

Nearby landmarks:

Bordi beach where you will be alone wandering with your thoughts.

Walk around the chikoo orchards, admiring the old Parsi houses with tiled roofs and shaded verandahs.

Zai pronounced as Jhai, is 3kms from Bordi. This northernmost village of Maharashtra’s coast is a home to hundreds of fishing boats.

Asvali Dam, about 6kms from Bordi is a lovely spot to visit. Photography is prohibited here, but given the beautiful location of naturally formed green lake at the backdrop of 1,160-foot-long dam, nobody returns without clicking a picture or two.

Umergaon, about 10kms from Bordi is famous for its Kalpataru Botanical Gardens and Vrindavan Studios where the bulk of the TV epic Ramayana was shot.