Sanjan Sanatorium: Truly Paradise Regained


July 30, 2016

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The Sanatorium at Sanjan is the result of a munificent donation received by the WZO Trust Funds from the generous Trustees of Bai Maneckbai P. B. Jeejeebhoy Deed of Settlement Fund. The Sanatorium became operational on 23rd September 2001 and has over the years become a popular retreat for community members.

The WZO Trust Funds Bai Maneckbai P. B. Jeejeebhoy Sanatorium at Sanjan is a palatial bungalow, comfortable rooms radiating with understated elegance, a huge front yard where a beautiful garden, the like of which is rarely seen, is always in full bloom, a backyard that has a planned mango orchard, coconut tress growing along the boundary, palm trees and many others all combine in harmony to create an ambience without parallel. The pollution free environment complements the trees, the flowers and the fauna.

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The very name of Sanjan conjures up nostalgia and sentiment in the heart of every Zoroastrian, for it was on the shores of Sanjan in Gujarat that we Zoroastrians received sanctuary when our revered ancestors landed 1385 years ago to preserve our faith. That we Zoroastrians, proud and patriotic citizens of Mother India were given not only sanctuary over thirteen centuries ago, but permitted to retain and follow our faith in an era when it was not an easy task to retain a religious identity not followed by the rulers of the day is indicative of the warmth and enthusiasm with which visitors to Sanjan have been greeted since time immemorial.

Sanjan is steeped in history.

Did you know that according to tradition, the holy Iranshah fire was created at Sanjan. The ‘alat’ for the consecration was brought on foot by Zoroastrian clergy from four Atash Behrams of Iran?  

Did you know that Paak Shreeji Iranshah was consecrated on collection of 16 different fires, including one from lightning brought down by the strength of mantras and rituals performed by Dasturji Naryosang Dhaval? 

Did you know that Iranshah was resident at Sanjan for 669 years and thereafter to protect it from external threats during turbulent times was shifted to the Bahrot Caves for 12 years and thereafter t0 Vansda Forest at Ajmalgadh for 14 years. Holy Iranshah was then taken to Navsari (313 years), Surat (3 years), Navsari again (5 years), thereon to Valsad (1 year) and finally enthroned at Udvada 274 years earlier on October 28, 1742, where it presently reigns in all its majesty & glory.

Did you know that one of the oldest ‘dakhmas’, was professionally excavated at Sanjan in 2002 by the World Zarthushti Cultural Foundation with the support of the Archeological Survey of India? Whilst the structure can be dated to the 11th century, the bones found have been dated by Oxford University to the period 1410 – 1450 AC.


The Sanjan Memorial Column standing next door to the sanatorium is a community symbol that generates awe in our hearts and reminds us of the farsightedness of our revered ancestors, the fruits of which we as a community enjoy till date.

Yes, Sanjan is full of surprises.

We too have a surprise of our own. We combine history with the beauty of nature and blend it with comfortable living & sumptuous meals. Rs.540/= per person per day for full board & lodge, in this day & age is the pleasant surprise with which we greet our guests.

Come, visit Sanjan ………….. have a great holiday.

– The WZO Trust Funds.

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  1. Aspi Maneckjee

    As soon as you leave the compound it is exactly opposite to what is inside.