Education Through Inspiration Not InDOCTORination: The IranShah Initiative


November 12, 2020

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Both Have The Same 8-Letters


Inspiration promotes CREATION which is positive

InDOCTORination provokes REACTION which is often negative

Article By Noshir Dadrawala

Since Education helps to expand and empower human experience, our future generation is more receptive towards Education Through Inspiration rather than InDOCTORination.

It is because Inspiration Transforms

But InDOCTORination often Deforms

The Psyche Of Humanity

The pragmatic assumption that our future generations will carry forward the torch of our traditions and culture with a positive attitude and an affirmative spirit, will require a conscientious commitment to make it a reality.

Thinking that we only need to worry about today because the future will take care of itself is fraught with inherent risks.

The scope of that risk will depend on whether we provide them with Education through Inspiration or InDOCTORination.

It is imperative that we understand that our future generation is a generation of communication not InDOCTORination.

It is time we wean ourselves out from the ‘Jug And Mug’ theory of learning,  where the preacher is the full jug and the preacher’s job is to pour acquired knowledge and information from the full jug to the empty mug – our youth.

However, the truth is, that no youth is ever an empty mug. Rather every youth inherently carries his or her own ‘knowledge’ and ‘innate wisdom’. The teacher’s job is to first find out what the youth know and then help them develop better understandings by providing the necessary conditions and challenges to do so.

The aim is to do everything to keep alive those innate desires to learn – or to ‘recover’ them if they has been subverted by prior experiences.

With that in mind, we need to ask ourselves whether we owe a responsibility to nurture them.

If the answer is in the affirmative, then what type of lasting legacy do we intend to leave for them?

Our own forebears on arrival in India had an innate inspiration to consecrate Iranshah with a vision to give future generations a ‘spiritual sovereign’ to go to in times of happiness for thanksgiving and in times of distress for spiritual succor.

Through this innate inspiration, our forefathers left a priceless legacy, which has brought creative transformation in the lives of generations over the past millennia.

Now…. what can we as blessed beneficiaries of this legacy do, to ensure that we leave this precious legacy even more enriched for future generations?

In our opinion, it can only be through shared knowledge and collective wisdom but

through inspiration and not inDOCTORination.

Future generations need to know more about the lessons of our history. They need to know more about the struggles of our forebears who left their homeland and adopted a new one. The stories of grit and determination. The tales of valour and enterprise, they all need to be told and documented with pride and gusto.

Religious education is essentially about inspiration, not just information. Effective teaching focuses on why and how, not what. Our goal is to spark creative imagination through inspiration, to instill a tinge of spiritual consciousness in the hearts and minds of Generation Next, so that they genuinely feel a sense of belonging that will seed the need to think more, know more, and grow more with an insatiable appetite to learn more.

The rest is easy, because the youth then drives and thrives through his or her own perpetual learning. Our role as Mentor or Guide is to ask provocative questions, to stir their mind, to challenge their thought process and to help seekers to find their path toward the answers. If they are motivated to find the path, they will carve it themselves.

And, this is exactly what we at Iranshah Initiative aspire to achieve – to encourage and enable all to be an instrument of education through our innate inspiration and usher transformation in our future generation.

Not only through our

Manashni, Gavashni, and Kunashni

(Thoughts, Words,  and Deeds)

But also through our

Hu-Manashni, Hu-Gavashni, and Hu-Kunashni

(Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds)

InDOCTORinated thoughts, words and deeds can be mechanical. But creatively inspired good thoughts, words and deeds can be positively life transforming both for the wisdom seeker and the entire ‘wisdom eco-system’.

May “Àtrash Puthrô Ahurahe Mazdào” (the son and purifying energy of Ahura Mazda) blazing at Udvada since over a millenia, continue to Inspire generations to come through Asha (Truth and Righteousness) and Vohu Manah (Wisdom)

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