Global Initiative to Support Iranshah Atashbehram Udvada


December 24, 2017

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In an email announcement Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) announced a Global Initiative to Support the Iranshah Atashbehram in Udvada, Gujarat, India.
FEZANA informs…

Under the blessing of our Pak IranShah and the esteemed guidance of our Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, High Priest of IranShah Udvada this Project is officially launched today, December 24, 2017 at the Iranshah Udvada Ustav.

To understand the motto, vision, mission and purpose of this special project, please click on the following link.

Global Initiative to Support Iranshah Atashbehram

Thank you for joining us for this very special Global initiative to support the legacy of Iranshah Udvada, our priceless and timeless heritage.

This initiative which started about 3-months ago, was inspired by our very own Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor and blessed by the selfless support of Meher Amalsad, BPP trustee Noshir Dadrawalla and FEZANA President Homi D. Gandhi.

This was then followed by an outpouring of unconditional Global support from The Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe, Tehran Zartoshti Anjoman,  The Incorporated Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton and Macao, The Parsi Zoroastrian Association of South East Asia in Singapore, The World Zoroastrian Organization in United Kingdom, The World Zoroastrian Organization Trust Funds in India, Business Association Of West Australian Zoroastrians, Zoroastrian Association Of Western Australia, Zarathushtrian Association Of New Zealand, Karachi Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds in Pakistan and The Zoroastrian Association of United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

The unique feature of this historic initiative is that it aspires to provide an on going stream of Education, Inspiration and Donation.

Our purpose is to keep this divine flame live and alive through education and inspiration for our future generation and also help to raise donations to maintain and sustain our priceless heritage.

Our vision and mission is to make Udvada a global center for showcasing our Zarthushti heritage, culture, and way of life.
So with that special sentiment…we ask you all to please join hands, let’s get together, and  show this world the power of our Zarthushti unity with dignity to promote the divinity of Iranshah.
And Together…Let us create an inner desire To Support Our Sacred Fire
May The Divine Light Of Iranshah Shine on our community and humanity.
Thank you and May Ahura Mazda Bless Us All.