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December 11, 2019

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The IUU 2019 is just around the corner. Registration is still open if you haven’t done it as yet.

IUU is running a fantastic social media feed where they share new updates.

The beauty of the IUU 2019 lies in the fact that it is an all around celebration that recognizes everything amazing about our Community.

The IUU 2019 celebrates and recognizes the beauty of our religion and the power and love of Shreeji Pak Iranshah, our Holy Fire.

On Day 1 we will be honouring Dasturji Dr. Feroze Kotwal. Across the three days, we will celebrate the beauty of our Parsi religion through Monajats, historical plays and epic stories told in song.

Parsis from across the globe who have worked to spread the great teachings of Ahura Mazda will be in Udvada, sharing thier books, their presentations and their knowledge with us.

IUU 2019 is truly a great celebration of the good thoughts, good words and good deeds of us all.

Over the three days of festivities, IUU 2019 is awarding and recognizing Parsis who are immensely talented and who have gone out into the world with the guiding principles of Parsipanu and created success and marvellous moments for everyone.

The Winter Games will give a chance to youth from across India to meet and compete with healthy spirit. The stage will buzz with the talent of our designers and performance artists. The cobblestone streets will be teeming with families and friends taking heritage walks, enjoying the cookery show and the treasure hunt.

The IUU 2019, promises a wonderful end to the year in true, beautiful revelry!


#DasturjiKhurshedDastoor is the #HighPriest at the #IranshahAtashBehram, #Udvada and also the #HonoraryPresident, Religions for Peace.

As part of his religious and spiritual duties, he delivers lectures on the #Zoroastrian Religion and History. He also addresses social and community issues with vast community members of varied age groups – comprising of children, youth and adults – all over Mumbai, India and North America. He has also delivered an address at the Jewish Synagogue in New York on the comparative aspects of Zoroastrian and Judaic religions.

In December 2015 and 2017, Dasturji Khurshed was instrumental in planning and holding the mega bi-annual event “Iranshah Udvada Utsav” (IUU) at Udvada, wherein a large number of Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians, aggregating 4000 in number, gathered from all around the world to celebrate and enjoy our rich and diverse Zoroastrian culture.

Dasturji Khurshed was felicitated by the Mayor of the city of Houston in Texas, U.S. by declaring 9 September 2016 as “Dasturji Khurshed Dastur Kaikobad Dastoor Day” at a glittering ceremony conducted at the Zarthushti Heritage and Cultural Center in Houston.

Dasturji Khurshed completed his religious education at the Dadar Athornan Institute and his academic education at Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly High School. He was initiated as a Sampoorna Priest at an early age of 12. He has performed higher liturgical ceremonies at Iranshah Atash Behram since the young age of 16.


Smriti Zubin Irani has always cheered for Udvada! Her contributions have been integral development of our spiritual centre. At the IUU 2017, she inaugurated the imposing and grand Gate to Udvada. Last year she brought WI-FI services to Udvada.

She sanctioned funds for the P. P. Mistry High School in Udvada and also for the beautification of Udvada.

We are excited to honour her as our Chief Guest on the first day of the IUU 2019 celebrations.


You are in for a visual treat with Sooni Taraporevala’s photography exhibit at the IUU 2019.

She is one of the most notable names in the field of cinema.

Sooni curated ‘PARSIS’, a rich compilation of photographs and text which aptly captures the lives, culture, and community of the Parsis. Some of Sooni’s best photography work is exhibited in the permanent collections of the #NationalGalleryofModernArt, Delhi & the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

IUU is honoured to create an exhibition of some of the work from ‘PARSIS’ and lace the old streets of Udvada with it.

Sooni is an Indian screenwriter, photographer and filmmaker best known for directing and writing ‘Little Zizou’ and writing screenplays for ‘Mississippi Masala’, ‘The Namesake’ and Oscar-nominated ‘Salaam Bombay’(1988). Sooni was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2014. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


If you are attending the IUU 2019, you will be treated to a fun fitness session curated by Fitness Expert, #MickeyMehta on the morning of Day 2! This session is especially tailored to the Parsipanu of the event and is called Khao Piyo Parsi, Tandarust Raho Parsi, Majhaa Karo Parsi!

The session will include yoga stretching and also explore the deep philosophies of Zoroastrianism, Ayurveda, Zen, Tao and the Upanishads.


There are several reasons why #Zoroastrian religion consider fire as the most important creation. It is figuratively regarded as the ‘son’ of #AhuraMazda and is given a central position is that, among all creations, it most resembles Ahura Mazda in its functions and attributes.

Like Ahura Mazda, fire is a store house of #khoreh (divine energy) and the sustainer of life. It is present everywhere in the form of motion and energy and has the potentiality of fighting physical, mental and spiritual negativities.

Fire is the closest to humans among all other creations. Man shares many similarities with fire. Just to name a few, both need food and oxygen, are warm when alive but cold when dead, and are created to fight negativities and increase goodness.

People have offered various reasons to justify the exalted position of fire in Zoroastrian religion. One of the best reasons for the importance of fire in Zoroastrianism is found in the #Shahnameh: “Fire is the nur (radiance) of Ahura Mazda. He who is wise shall revere it.”

Picture Courtesy: #FarzanaCooper

Content Courtesy: #ErvadRamiyarKaranjia


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