Launching IranShah’s Birthday Celebration with Vision 2020


April 16, 2020

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The Flame Goes Higher When Your Heart Is On FireMay The Flame Of IranShahShine Near And Afar

IranShah Global Initiative 2020 Birthday Celebration With 

Education, Inspiration and Donation

IranShah’s Birthday Celebration: April 21, 2020
Global Virtual Congregational HumBandagi:      

Maachi Prayers:

8:00 PM India, 7:30 AM Los Angeles, 10:30 AM New York, 3:30 PM London, 10:30 PM Hong Kong, 6:30 PM Dubai


8:20 PM India, 7:50 AM Los Angeles, 10:50 AM New York, 3:50 PM London, 10:50 PM Hong Kong, 6:50 PM Dubai

With the Blessing of Our High Priest Of IranShah Udvada, Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, and Support from Our IranShah Initiative Global Youth Group as well as our Global Zarathushti Leaders we invite you all to join us in Celebrating Our IranShah’s Birthday Globally.

The Prayers will start at the IranShah Atash Bahram in Udvada, India
Kindly Join Us Interactively at Your Respective Local Time.

Please Click On This URL And Turn On The Pre-Recorded Prayers

This Global HumBandagi is a novel way to virtually connect with the warmth of the Divine Flame Of IranShah.

As Your Birthday Gift To IranShah We Ask You To Lift, Shift And Uplift – Someone’s Life 

We can light an extra diva (oil lamp) at home. Offer Atash ni Niyaesh, in any or all the Geh (watch of the day) visualising Iranshah inwardly and invoking Blessings for our family, society, Global Community as well as Humanity.

Happy Birthday Our Revered Iranshah – May the radiance of your light fill our lives with life. May your warmth kindle love, hope and joy amid current tribulations this world is going through.

I like to express my Gratitude to Our IranShah Initiative 5-StarTeam Members  For Mobilizing This Celebration Globally.

  • Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, High Priest, IranShah, Udvada
  • Noshir Dadrawalla, Trustee, Bombay Parsi Punchayet
  • Homi D. Gandhi, President, FEZANA
  • Arzan Wadia, Vice President, FEZANA
  • Tinaz Karbhari, Youth Ambassador, IranShah Initiative 

With Our Love, Light, Appreciation And Gratitude From
Meher AmalsadWestminster, California, USA

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