I cannot live without Parsi food: Amyra Dastur


January 14, 2020

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When Amyra Dastur walked the ramp in a pant suit for designer Vanessa Pandita at Golfer’s Shot, Good Life Soiree at Morbagh farms in Delhi, it was hard to believe that the new-age actress is actually a desi food lover and her first love was with Parsi cuisine.

Article by Rishabh Raj | Times of India

“I am a hardcore Pasri food lover, because that’s part of my identity and I can actually survive on that food”, says Amyra in a quick chat with Times Food. Amyra is a home food lover and for her ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’ is the actual comfort food that no exotic meal can beat.


Ask her about the earliest memory of food and the actress says, “I still cherish the days when my mother used to cook Dhansak and rice on weekends and all of us would sit at the dining table and just enjoy this particular dish.” She adds, “With time, we all have got occupied, but as and when I am free and crave for it, I ask her to make and she is always happy to cook for me or my brother.”

The way Golfer’s whisky is a seamless blend of smooth taste and right blend that creates an experience which reflects your own sense of style and achievement, similarly, Amyra is a power-packed blend of beauty and brain who understands her sense of style and drives her own path of achievements.

Amyra is not the one who believes in dieting and the trend of healthy eating and believes it’s good to eat what makes you happy every once in a while. She mentions, “As a habit, I make sure to hit the gym every day and that keeps my body and mind fit.”

Cooking is not her passion, rather eating is and she loves to relish every type of food because she thinks that there is nothing called ‘bad food’. She confesses, “I was never attracted to cooking and I have no plans as well. Having said that, I can make fried egg, because it’s the only thing I can make well.”(laughs)

For Amyra, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and she makes sure to have a balanced combination of protein, vitamins, healthy fat and carbohydrates during the meal. She mentions, “My every day breakfast includes three egg omelette along wtih a slice of gluten-free bread and a lots of grilled veggies.”

Amyra’s go-to street food destination is Swati Snacks, it’s a Gujarati food stall that she often visits during evening hours.

Before she rushes to catch her flight back Mumbai, the actress confesses, “I have a sweet tooth and cannot live without Chocolate brownie.”(winks)