Though I am Parsi, I love Punjabi culture: Khushi Sadry


January 5, 2024

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Actress and singer Khushi Sadry, who is a Parsi by nativity, says she made a Punjabi debut in singing because of her love for the Punjabi culture and her friends who are largely from this region.

Singer and actress Khushi Sadry’s latest Punjabi song, Tight Hug Sohneya is all about the nuances of being in a long distance relationship. Though Khushi is of Parsi origin, she made her Punjabi debut because of her “love for Punjabi culture,” says Khushi who recently also rendered the recreated classic Mera Dil Tere Liye from the 90’s superhit film Aashiqui.


In the past Khushi has opened performances for Salman Khan’s World Tour in cities like London, Atlanta-USA, while as a playback singer she has lent her voice to several Bollywood blockbusters. Excerpts from a conversation with her:

How does it feel to sing a full fledged Punjabi song, being a Parsi?

I love Punjabi culture and its people as I have a lot of Punjabi friends. It is very different from my Parsi culture. Music is the backbone of Punjab. And everyone loves Punjabi music, even if they are not Punjabis. It was amazing to sing this Punjabi number. I made sure that I gave the proper pronunciation of each Punjabi word and it was a great learning experience.

Any plans of collaborating with Punjabi artists in the future?

Yes, I’m in talks with a few of them already and things may work out soon. Punjabi singers are extremely talented. In my debut track I narrated the struggles of a girl who is in a long-distance relationship. The poignant lyrics reflect the challenges faced when distance becomes a barrier to communication, portraying a tale of missed calls and unread messages, all wrapped in the evocative melody of Punjabi beats.