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Choslo Desai of Navsari

The story about Choslo Desai was received via email. This incident was orally narrated by Late Ervad Saheb Eruchshah Karkaria and Mr.Minoo Tamboli of Navsari.

Many decades ago there use to live a very honest and a pious priest in Navsari.As it is a practice amongst Priest of all Mobedi Tola’s to have pet names, this particular Priest was known as “Choslo Desai”(i.e. his physique was short and square[choslo], belonging to the [Desai] family) in Navsari.

So honest was this Priest that one day after finishing an Afringaan ceremony, he found out after removing his Jama, that his Kushti Lars (tassels) were untied. According to oral tradition the whole Afringaan ceremony was null and void, as the foundation (kushti) to the ceremony was not proper. Noticing this mistake “Choslo Desai” did a fresh Kushti and repeated the whole Afringaan ceremony again! “Choslo Desai” could have avoided doing the Afringaan ceremony again, as no one had noticed his Kushti Lars untied except himself and the Behdin family for whom he was doing the ceremony was also not present.

It was a regular practice of “Choslo Desai” to get up very early in the morning (Ushain Geh), have a bath and rush to the Paak AtashBehram Saheb of Navsari. He would do his Ushain Geh Farajiyat prayers in front of the Padshah Saheb and then wait for sunrise and then do his Havan Geh Farajiyat. After finishing his Havan Geh farajiyat he would start performing Hushmordi ceremonies (Afringaan, farokshi, satum) for the Behdin Sahebs. As a practice he could be found praying in front of the Padshah Saheb even before the Boivala Saheb came for the Havan Geh Boi.

One day when the Boivala Saheb came to offer the Havan Geh Boi to the Padshah Saheb, he found that “Choslo Desai” was lying unconscious on the prayer carpet in front of the Padshah Saheb (i.e. area outside the Gumbaj). The Boivala Saheb went and called the other Priest and revived Desaiji and asked him what had happened , was he keeping good health…. To the surprise of all Priests, Desaiji narrated the incident. As usual he was praying his farajiyat in front of the Padshah Saheb when all of a sudden a tall, khoremand (full of Spiritual luster) Mobed Saheb in full ceremonial dress came out of the Gumbaj. Seen such a spiritual being (Shakti, energy) full of Spiritual Luster, he was shocked, surprised and so he fainted. The older knowledgeable Priests present there were very happy to hear of this incident and praised Desaiji for his piety as he was able to see a Freshta.

Late Ervad Saheb Eruchshah Karkaria and Mr. Minoo Tamboli of Navsari (disciples of Dr.Faramroze S Chinivala and Jehangir S Chinivala) narrated this real life incident. According to Late Ervad Saheb Eruchshah Karkaria, Late Ervad Saheb Dosabhai Desai and Mr. Minoo Tamboli, this Holy Mobed seen by “Choslo Desai” was nothing but the Saiyaar Abed Sahebs who according to Ustad Saheb Behramshah Navroji Shroff come from Iran to spiritually invigorate all our Paak Padshah Sahebs with spiritual energy, they do this selfless service because of the spiritual deficiencies created knowingly or unknowingly by our priest.

Does anyone living in Navsari know the real name of “Choslo Desai”?

Where have all these Pious Priest gone?

Where has the honesty of the priest gone?

Saap gaya ane lisota rahe gaya!!!