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Dhansak: A Ripon Club Wednesday Tradition

Kalyan Karmarkar writes a wonderful post with great pictures about a Wednesday lunch at Rippon Club.

You get dhansak for lunch at a few restaurants such as Britannia, Mocambo and Paradise at South Bombay and Snack Shack (weekends) at Bandra.

But some of the best dhansaks are available at old Parsi clubs such as Elphinstone and Ripon Club.

In fact Ripon Club’s dhansak lunch on Wednesday is legendary.

I was lucky enough to be hosted by a member of the club, the very genial and generous, Mr Sorabh Gandhi. Who, when not treating people to lunch, is an avid sailor and a certified mountain guide.


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However, do note that this will induce severe hunger pangs for Dhansak 🙂