Hand painted Glass Art by Binaifer Medhora Mehta


February 19, 2020

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B-Creative Hand painted Glass Art By Binaifer


On a background of beautifully textured art glass, my creations are painstakingly hand painted and come ready to display with an aesthetically complementary frame. Popular themes include artistic representations of religious symbols such as the Zoroastrian Farohar and the Hindu God Ganesha, in addition to abstract renditions of elephants and other motifs I am inspired by. The dynamic interplay of opaque, translucent and vibrant colors makes these pieces perfect when juxtaposed against a backlit location, such as a window, lamp or votive. They can also be traditionally wall mounted to add a splash of color or auspiciously hung above an entryway.

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Contact: Binaifer Medhora Mehta


Cell: +1 732 593 7833