Kainaz Amaria Wins the John Long Ethics Award from the NPPA


February 18, 2020

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We are happy to announce that our friend Kainaz Amaria is the winner of this year’s Jong Long Ethics Award.

imagePer the award’s website….

The John Long Ethics Award is awarded to Kainaz Amaria, an outstanding photojournalist turned editor, first on NPR’s Visual Team before becoming the visuals editor at Vox. This award recognizes an individual who has, through her efforts, upheld, shaped and promoted ethical behavior in all forms of visual journalism. Amaria’s career as a photographer speaks for itself, having held her own work to the highest ethical standards. And now she pays it forward by being a leading voice in the industry and framing the conversations of visual journalism through the lens of representation, always advocating for people to do more and do better, and calling out those who don’t.

From the Vox website

Kainaz Amaria

Visuals Editor

As Visuals Editor, Kainaz runs an interdisciplinary team specializing in graphics, interactives, photography, data and design. Previously, she was an editor on NPR’s Visual Team. Before all the desk jobs, she was a freelance photojournalist based in Mumbai, India. Her clients included The New York Times, Vogue India, and Reuters. Prior to that, she worked for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. In 2010, she was a Fulbright Scholar and completed a short film on the Parsi Zoroastrian community in Mumbai. She hates sloths, but loves pizza and puns.

About the NPPA Awards

NPPA honors outstanding visual journalists, educators, First Amendment fighters

Since the inaugural Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award was given by the National Press Photographers Association in 1949, the organization has continued to recognize individuals for their special contributions to the NPPA and the wider field of visual journalism.

These awards represent NPPA’s efforts to honor those whose efforts make our profession stronger, build our communities and expand the reach of NPPA in its mission to promote visual journalism and journalists. They recognize individuals who contribute to the profession in a myriad of ways. They honor people who elevate photojournalism, photojournalists who have reached outstanding technical achievements, leaders who advance NPPA goals, people who fight for First Amendment freedoms, and educators who inspire.

NPPA’s immediate past president, Melissa Lyttle, served as the chair of the Honors & Recognition Committee, the group that puts out an annual call for nominations and determines each year’s honorees.