Unveiling Pakistan’s Parsi Culinary Traditions: Pakistan Museum of Food


September 14, 2023

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‘Pakistan’s Museum of Food’ is the largest and most comprehensive exploration of Pakistani cuisine online, featuring over 9000 Images, 90 videos and 100 stories that capture the vibrant culinary tapestry of Pakistan’s five provinces and beyond. This project aims to preserve and celebrate the culture and heritage of Pakistani food, as well as to document its dynamic evolution and progression. We hope that this project will inspire people to explore, appreciate, and enjoy the vibrant culinary culture, lineage and food practices of Pakistan, as well as to contribute their own stories and recipes to this living narrative.

You can see the entire exhibit here: https://artsandculture.google.com/project/flavors-of-pakistan


The special section titled

Unveiling Pakistan’s Parsi Culinary Traditions

Parsi heritage dishes from Karachi

can be seen here https://artsandculture.google.com/story/yQVho4mwu8y8_Q

The Parsi Community of Pakistan

Dwelling primarily in Karachi, the Parsis of Pakistan carry the legacy of their Persian ancestors who embarked on a journey to Medieval India. Although their community is small in numbers, their impact on Pakistan’s trajectory post-partition has been profound.