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Saal Mubarak

Today is the Parsi New Year. The first day of the parsi calendar.

Parsi new year brings with it the hopes for a new, happy healthy and prosperous new year. A year where hopefully there shall be more good news than negative criticism.

The past year has been a tumultuous one for the entire community. Polarisation is the name of the game. No side is completely right in what they stand for. The only thing that they both agree on is that the other is completely wrong !

Priests get dragged into controversies and are asked to play God on issues that have come about over hundreds of years.

Amidst all this there is always a glitter of hope. Many individual Parsis have risen to excellenece in their personal and professional lives. They set the standards for other Parsis, and fellow citizens to follow.

Parsi Khabar has had a great year bringing articles and news events to you. We try to take as unbiased a stand as possible. And we let you be the judge. To all our loyal readers and subscribers, we thank you for your support. We hope to double our readership in the coming year and also add new features to the blog. Suggestions, criticism et al are as always, expected and appreciated.

The following is an excerpt from a blogpost I wrote exactly a year ago….describing Parsi New Year and what it means to me

This is one of my favorite days of the years. Memories of this day right through childhood included visits to the fire temple, wearing “new” clothes, receiving monetary gfts from grandparents, eating great food and going to parsi plays or “nataks” in the evening and to dinner thereafter.

Living in a Parsi colony meant that everyone did the same and it was a “jalsa”. It was one day where you would see the whole Parsi community out in full force, in every theater or playhouse in town. Every restaurant would have whole families of Parsis chattering away, drinking, eating, and greeting all and sundry around even if they did not know them.

You can read the entire post here.

So here is wishing all our readers a Navu Saal Mubarak.