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BPP Candidature: Advocacy over Meritocracy

It is with regret that I have to mention that the BPP is heading in the wrong direction. I say this after I read articles in Free Press and Jame Jamshed proposing Anahita Desai for BPP Trusteeship by Homi Ranina.

Op-Ed by Arzan J Ghadially

Ranina has proposed even when no one has asked him to propose except WAPIZ which is evident as it got printed in Free Press which also makes Homi an interested party so as to say. I would have understood if Ranina or the others have paid to Jame to get their views printed but it was all paid for by WAPIZ/ Rasna . That makes it a case of a saying “A Donkey praises his own tail’. Why did the husband wife duo not stand for elections before on 2 prior occasions or is it that he has suddenly realized her worth after Noshir resigning?

To me it seems that the WAPIZ wish to fill up the post and desperately want someone from their fold to become a Trustee so that they may have a better say. The Husband Wife duo are staying in a colony which is meant to house the poor while they can afford to buy a ownership flat. I agree with Homi that if we believe in meritocracy it should be allowed but what is Homi gaining by pushing her case? Let her merits be recognized by her work and not by such paid propaganda. It clearly indicates that Anahita sowed the seed on the pretext of helping and harvesting the same with recommendation letters from those she helped at the time elections.

Please give others a chance to come up and work for the betterment of the community. She can still continue to work with the same dedication that she has worked before without any post. Or is it that she was being groomed to become a Trustee? Does she need the post badly? Can she not work without having a Post? Mr Ranina please apply your mind before you pen about someone. The views expressed are your own and could be wrong or you may have been asked to recommend her case or could be influenced.

Any one can win the BPP Elections if the candidate is supported by Board members and some self acclaimed eminent personalities. Take the case of a existing Trustee whom no one had heard of before her husband’s demise but she won the elections because she had the backing and personal funding of some of the members from the BPP Board. It thus appears that merit does not count in such cases .My intention is not to belittle anyone. Stop this trend and give others a chance to come up.

I feel the BPP Trustees should not endorse any candidate standing for elections as they become the interested party. The code of conduct must take place before and not after Anahita’s elections as stated in the article by Dinshaw Mehta.

Finally a joke I enjoyed reading in jame about a candidate who withdrew after filing his nomination because he observed that there was no code of conduct and it is against his principles to give freebies. This same candidate had filed his nominations earlier for Trustee’s post on 2 occasions and needless to say obviously lost. During both elections there was no code of conduct and freebies were given but he still stood for elections and lost. Where were his principles then? The candidate withdrew because he was asked to withdraw by one of the candidates. Anyway had he stood it would still have made no difference.

There is no grace or dignity left in the BPP anymore where some Trustee’s think the BPP is their own domain and wants control.



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