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Vivan Bhathena: Cine Artist

imageBlessed with boyish good looks, this 32-year-old has some movies and TV roles to his credit, but he feels it’s not enough. "The craving for good parts will always be there. Though my career s is moving steadily, I feel that I am not getting what I am looking for," says Vivan.

He entered films as a child actor in 1987, when he worked in Anil Kapoor-starrer "Mr India". Now, after so many years, Vivan has acted in " Chak De India" and " Karthik Calling Karthik".

"I am doing TV work besides anchoring," he said. Talking about Bollywood where live the fast life, Vivan prefers to sit quietly and observe things. "I don’t want to be labeled a money hungry guy. I can wait for opportunities as I am happy with the way things have been going," said the actor.

A proud Parsi, Vivan, got married to a non-Zoroastrian and wants to do something for his community. "Dwindling number of Parsis bothers me and I want to make people aware about it," he said.