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BPP Elections: Looking Forward

This is an Op-Ed piece by Arzan Ghadially, a frequent contributor to Parsi Khabar.

Finally The Bombay Parsee Panchayat elections are over and time for the Trustees to get back to some more fights in the Board room and court room.

Having said that I would like to share my unsolicited thoughts – all my own and to be taken in good humor – on some of the prominent and not so prominent people / publications / groups appearing in the media during the course of elections.

Jame Jamshed

Should close shop as the publication backfired .They diversified in to Event Management / Investigative journalism / Media partners and it all bombed and the candidates lost.Their latest casualty being Mr Manke Engineer.


Should dissolve WAPIZ As they are now on the board of BPP and have no one to fight with but themselves . At one time they fought with the BPP.

Mr Yezdi Desai

Not to certain …but Is he the Trustee or his wife?


Should stop thinking of themselves as lawmakers and start behaving like law abiders. They are good ………………..bullies.

Arnavaz Mistry

President of Pakistan Mr Zardari was known as Mr 10%. She is our own Ms 10000.00. That’s the vote she got by / for doing nothing and she never misses an opportunity to mention. A pendulum part II. All ready to swing back to Dinshaw Mehta and Co after cousin Manek lost.

Noshir Dadrawalla

Still a pendulum but stuck on one side currently. Time for him to now swing back like Arnavaz.

Maneck Engineer

Should go back as Vice President and try his luck after 7 years that is, if the community survives (according to him there will be no parsees left in 10 years from now)

Mrs Armaity Tirandaz

Her husband was a simple soul who didn’t spend a dime on campaigning while the wife has suddenly come in to a lot of money for campaigning and the community is clueless where it came from.( Jame Jamshed please investigate )

Khojestry Mistry

Should handle PR for the Parsee Panchayat . A smooth operator and good orator. The man had promised in Godrej Baug ,if the WAPIZ team gets elected they would declare assets. Of course they will after 7 years by which time they would have accumulate assets.

Dinshaw Mehta

I have always maintained the board needs a man amongst boys and he has filled in the gap. No one can control the flock better than him. He is the pied piper.

Urvax Dhanda

Should concentrate on his construction business, that is if there is one. Wonder why he doesn’t live in one of his own building instead of living off the Trust.

Tehmtan Dumasia

The self acclaimed Businessman should go back to sign board painting and keep away from common men as they showed him the boot not once but twice. A classics case that bull shitting people with lies does not work.


All the Trustees of the BPP Board

Please furnish your assets to the community. We have a right to know the net worth of each Trustee ……………… now …………………….. And what they will be worth 7 years from now.